The Desert Around Las Vegas – A Guidebook To Amazing Day Trips In The Mojave Desert


My book The Desert Around Las Vegas – A Guidebook To Amazing Day Trips In The Mojave Desert is now available on Amazon.

The Mojave Desert with its smell of sage, million-dollar vistas, wildlife, and beautiful cacti, has been luring humans to explore within its boundaries for centuries. The desert can be  hot, brutal, and very dangerous with  venomous snakes and spiders. If you are planning a visit to Las Vegas, and know that there will be some time for adventures outside the city, maybe you are asking yourself some of these questions: If I only have a few hours, where do I go? How do I stay safe while I experience the deserts intense beauty? Can I bring my children? Is it dog friendly? Are there restrooms available? What time of the day should I visit? If I want to see wild horses, where can I go? 

For me, it was more or less a forced move to Las Vegas that made me explore the desert outside. You see, I am a country girl; to move to the city was a huge change for me. I started to spend all my free time in the desert: hiking, reading, and playing with my camera. When the weekend arrived, my daughter, my German Shepherd, and I would head out to Red Rock Canyon, Spring Mountain National Recreation Area, Valley of Fire, Death Valley, or Mojave National Preserve. Spending the weekends exploring these places kept me sane during that first year living in Las Vegas.  

My colorful guidebook will get you there well prepared, knowing what to expect, but your imagination is the only limit to the experience you will have! You can expect to be blown away by each destination’s beauty and uniqueness.

– The Desert Around Las Vegas – A Guidebook To Amazing Day Trips In The Mojave Desert, by Maria Jansson

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