Cuties In Red Rock Canyon – developing an attitude of gratitude

When you view your world with an attitude of gratitude, you are training yourself to focus on the good in life. – Paul J. Meyer When I first moved to Las Vegas I had to put a big effort into my attitude of gratitude, since it wasn’t a move I made by choice, it wasContinue reading “Cuties In Red Rock Canyon – developing an attitude of gratitude”

The Mustang Movie

I rented The Mustang Movie today. Some of my horse friends strongly disliked it, and others praised it to the sky. The movie got very good reviews, and naturally I wanted to see it. It was a very emotional movie. Having spent time with mustangs I think that they portrayed the horses excellent. They areContinue reading “The Mustang Movie”

Lion Habitat Ranch

We visited the Lion Habitat Ranch today, and had the best of times! It’s a very well kept non profit sanctuary, in Las Vegas (NV.) Specializing in wild cats. The Lion Habitat Ranch is also the home to wild birds, a couple tortoises, and a painting giraffe. They taught the giraffe to paint using clickerContinue reading “Lion Habitat Ranch”