Weekend Coffee Share – Week 6

This week have been intense, to say the least. Lots to do at work, and lots of exercise. I’ve had tons of energy all week. I walked 12 179 steps on Monday, 16 868 steps on Tuesday (while teaching a large number of kids how to use a ski lift by themselves,) 11 416 stepsContinue reading “Weekend Coffee Share – Week 6”

Weekend Coffee Share – Week 4

Hi, how are you? Can I get you some coffee, or tea? Or maybe some hot blueberry soup? It has lots of energy with all that vitamin C, very popular in Sweden during our cold winters. Because cold it is, it was -1F with a chill factor of -12F when I woke up this morning.Continue reading “Weekend Coffee Share – Week 4”

Weekend Coffee Share – Celebrating A New Home And Halloween

Grab a cup of coffee, or tea and chat with me! It is still dark out this early Saturday morning. I’m enjoying my coffee black like any other beautiful morning.  This week I have some very happy news to share with you! I got one of the apartments I was looking at a couple weeksContinue reading “Weekend Coffee Share – Celebrating A New Home And Halloween”