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Watching Wild Horses In Nevada

The immense peace, and joy that comes from watching wild horses being horses, was something I discovered when my daughter was an infant. During a rather stressful part of my life (moving to another continent, learning a new language and culture, leaving my daughter’s… Continue Reading “Watching Wild Horses In Nevada”


I love watching wild horses play in Nevada. I took these photos at the Virginia Range, on a very windy day. I actually watched these two young ones for a couple hours. They moved around some, but they stayed close to each other the… Continue Reading “SUNDAY STILLS: CAN YOU CAPTURE THE #WIND?”

Out of This World – The Wild Mare

It was a cold winter evening. It must of been around 4 years ago now. I had recently left my husband. Happy with my decision, but alone with a 1,5 year old. I was working at different ranches in northern Nevada, doing some photography… Continue Reading “Out of This World – The Wild Mare”