Weekend Coffee Share – Let The Staycation Begin!

Welcome, step up on my porch and pour yourself a cup of that black gold, or let me get you some ice tea from the fridge. What do you prefer today?  Weekend Coffee Share is a time for us to take a break out of our lives and enjoy some time catching up with friendsContinue reading “Weekend Coffee Share – Let The Staycation Begin!”

Weekend Coffee Share

Welcome to the weekend. How about some coffee? It’s late Friday afternoon in Sweden, but I know that many of you are just starting your day, so maybe coffee is the way to go? I just had some green tea with vanilla. Maybe I can offer you a cup? How is your week?  We celebratedContinue reading “Weekend Coffee Share”

Weekend Coffee Share – Finding Normal In A Crazy World

Welcome to another virtual coffee date. Yesterday I tried a new type of coffee, I already forgot the fancy name. . you whisk together equal parts of sugar, hot water, and instant coffee. You whisk it for a long time until it becomes very fluffy. I tasted it at work in our break room, andContinue reading “Weekend Coffee Share – Finding Normal In A Crazy World”