The Big Move

After saying goodbye to all the horses at work this morning (yes I cried,) and a short stop at a very special friend’s house, I started to drive towards Las Vegas. My partner in crime (my dog Gretchen) and I, enjoyed many stops at amazing places. All are places we’ve been to many times, but that doesn’t make them less special. They are probably more special because of that.

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We stopped for a hike in Tahoe National Forest.

I’ve done the first half of this road trip many times. (The one we drove today, and the first part of the drive tomorrow.) The second half of the drive, I’ve only done a couple times, and not recently. That second half of the trip, before reaching the outskirts of Vegas, is pretty much through the desert, and some very rural small towns. I hope I get to see some wild horses. I think it’s very possible. 

grrt4 (1)

I did a lot of experimenting with my new camera. I’m very happy with it, and looking forward to experiment more tomorrow. 

While we were waiting in line at a store today, Gretchen was laying next to my feet, and all of a sudden she jumped up, and placed herself in front of me, with her hair standing straight up. A second later an agitated woman with a very inappropriate language, and two children walks by. Gretchen looks like she wants to eat her, but she stands still in front of me, without moving. The women drags her kids out of the store, and starts slapping the youngest girl.. I very much wanted to let go of Gretchen. Instead Gretchen and I just walked by, very slowly, both of us staring at the lady until she stopped slapping the poor child. That little girl needs a German Shepherd of her own. Besides that little incident it’s been a pleasant trip. I enjoy road trips very much. The new car drives smooth.

Just a short post, to keep you updated. I’ve stopped for the night, and planning on starting really early tomorrow morning. I hope you’re having an awesome day 🙂


Ms Zen