Weekend Coffee Share – Week 8

Welcome to a new Weekend Coffee Share. Can I get you a cup of coffee? Or tea? Hot chocolate?  It is actually not very cold at all it is about 2C/36F at the moment, we had a high of 9C/48F a few days this week. It’s been absolutely beautiful. Some days were cloudy, but weContinue reading “Weekend Coffee Share – Week 8”

Weekend Coffee Share – Spring In The Air

It’s already weekend again! We’ve had a four day work week here, Monday being a red day. It’s been windy all week, and around 40F. I’m doing laundry, and hanging it outside today, for the first time this year. Spring is in the air. We are suppose to get temperatures in the 60’s next week. 60’sContinue reading “Weekend Coffee Share – Spring In The Air”