Weekend Coffee Share – Writing Experiment

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It’s actually Monday morning as I start writing this post. I am going to try a different approach to the Weekend Coffee Share this week.

Weekend Coffee Share is a time for us to take a break out of our lives and enjoy some time catching up with friends (old and new)!
Grab a cup of coffee and share with us! What’s been going on in your life? What are your weekend plans? Is there a topic you’ve just been ruminating on that you want to talk about?

Usually I write this post sometime during the weekend, as a summary of the past week, maybe adding some weekend plans before posting it. This week I’m going to write a few sentences (I don’t want to bore you..) every day, up until the weekend arrives. Like a diary. I’d like to improve my writing this fall, by trying different approaches to blogging. Feedback is always welcome! Feel free to grab a big cup of coffee, or tea, there’s many good ones to choose from, over at the kitchen counter.


I woke up at 5am, well rested after a full night of excellent sleep! I didn’t even use the fan I bought last weekend, to cover up the noise of the city. Maybe just knowing that I could did the trick? Or maybe the fact that I had the window open, and it actually was cooler in the room helped? I’m definitely keeping the fan, just in case..but it sure felt good to get a full night’s sleep. It’s October 1, and at 6.30am it’s only 75 degrees. We’re going to have a high of 87 today. Very comfortable, compared to 115. The humidity is 59% though, a lot higher than usual. Next week we’re going to have high’s of mid 70’s. We’re definitely going in the right direction! This week feels promising. This afternoon I’m having an early dinner with a cowboy friend of mine. He’s from Arizona, and are going to be in town for a few hours. I’m very excited about that.


How is the coffee? I think it’s extra delicious today. I got an opportunity to try the fan last night..the youngest baby that I am taking care of during the day (I’m a live-in nanny, but I normally don’t work nights,) cried a lot last night. He often wakes up briefly a couple times a night, then it’s usually easy for me to fall back asleep. Last night he cried a little more. I think he might be getting his molars. = The coffee is extra delicious!! I did go to bed early, around 9, so I did get some sleep anyways. I feel good.

I had dinner with my friend from Arizona yesterday. It was great talking about good horses, and horse training…the important things in life. LOL. If you’re not a horse person I bet it’s difficult to understand, but whenever I talk to another horse person, my feet feels lighter, and it feels like I’m dancing, like we’re in on a magic adventure together. I have never been into drugs, or anything like that, but horses is definitely an addiction of mine. I still daydream about them, like when I was a little girl. Without consciously planning on doing so, I find myself reading for sales ads, almost every day. When I go places I watch the terrain, and I think about the best way to ride a horse there. If there’s a big, flat open space, I almost always think about riding an Icelandic Horse at a fast tolt (they are 5 -gaited, and the tolt is an incredibly comfortable gait. It feels like you’re flying.) If it’s very rocky, I’m riding a mustang…you get the picture?


My first mustang Rebel, made a girlhood dream come true, when he became my friend.

Not having a horse of my own at the moment, I’m slightly jealous that there’s a couple hundred on the ranch my friend works at, and that he spends his days in the saddle, every day. No, thinking about it, I’m not jealous, I’m happy for him. It’s always great to talk to people who loves what they do, and wouldn’t change a thing. That is so rare!

We have a 30% chance of getting rain around noon today, and maybe even thunderstorms later. I have the window open as I am writing this, and it feels a little clammy. The high of 80 (!) today feels unbelievable. I love that the temperatures are dropping. On Sunday is going to be sunny and a high of 75, time to schedule some nice fall hikes!! Very exciting.


It’s almost fall in the air now! Yesterday we ended up having a high of 84 F, and I decided to go for a short hike after work. I wrote about it in my previous post. The hike up to Exploration Peak is short and sweet, with marvelous views. When I wrote the post about the hike yesterday, and posted my very first “city photos”, I realize that my new HP laptop (that I bought a couple weeks ago, when my MacBook Pro decided to die after many years of faithful service,) isn’t going to do the trick. It’s not good enough for serious photography. I recently upgraded to a full frame camera, but I can’t see the details on my new laptop. I’ll have to start saving up for another MacBook Pro, and use this as a backup. Annoying, but things happen, my daughter frequently borrows my computer in the weekends, she’ll probably end up taking this one. It will be used.

Today there’s a new Sprouts Farmers Market opening very close to where I live. I prefer growing my own produce, but when I can’t, it’s awesome to have access to fresh produce close by. I’m very happy about that. It’s close enough to walk there.


It’s 6am Thursday morning, and I’m having some delicious Major Dickason Coffee, from Peet’s Coffee. It’s a dark roast that I absolutely love. Perfect for the French press. Can I offer you a cup?

It’s been a wild night. Not Vegas wild (mind you..you know I’m not that kind if girl,) but wild like a crazy thunderstorm wild. I slept with the window open, and thoroughly enjoyed the sound of a heavy rain. The first I’ve experienced since March, I believe. My dog NEVER sleeps in my bed. She sleeps on the floor, below my feet, which also happens to be in front of the door. However, when the first crack of thunder and lightning filled the room, she took it for gunfire, she jumped up on my bed, placed herself between me and the window, and you could hear a growl from somewhere deep down her throat. It took her about 30 min to decide that the danger had passed. I asked her to get down, and she did, but she started to pace between the window and the bed (it’s a very short distance.) She’s not a pacer. I told her she could sleep on that side of the bed, but only for tonight. There was no way I could of slept at all with her pacing around. She was happy with that, and laid very still for the rest of the night. It is definitely not going to be a habit though. I am very grateful that she takes her job so seriously.

The rain made the air very fresh, and right now it’s only 67 degrees. I’m wearing jeans today, it’s the first time in a while. I love me a pair of jeans that fits just right. As you might remember, I cleaned out, and organized my closet a couple weeks ago, and this morning I realized that I only own one pair of jeans. That is not going to work. I’m going to have to make a visit to Boot Barn. I usually get my jeans, and boots there…and I usually end of buying the same models over and over again.

Today it’s the official Cinnamon Roll Day in Sweden. Happy Cinnamon Roll Day! I’m not planning on baking any today, (unless I’m asked too. You never know.) I actually love cinnamon rolls (I don’t really have sweet tooth. There’s not many pastries, or sweets, that I like.) Cinnamon rolls is a classic. I think it’s partly the intoxicating smell in the air when I bake them, combined with loving childhood memories of baking them with my mom, and my grandma. I’m trying to not eat so much white flour, and sugar, and I feel that I’ve had my share this past week.

Photo of a previous batch of cinnamon rolls.

Once when I worked as a baker in Sweden, this was almost 20 years ago, as I take out a sheet of fresh cinnamon rolls from the oven, I hear a voice that I recognize from behind me asking for one. I can’t really place the voice, but I so do recognize it. As I turn around, and move a curtain that we had between the bakery, and the cafeteria, I see the King of Sweden! That I was surprised was an understatement. This was at a famous ski resort, and he loves skiing. The King and Queen did have my cinnamon rolls that day.

Speaking of baking, I baked rye bread yesterday, to go with a vegetable soup I made. It was delicious.

I started to read an exciting book last night, The Big Outfit, but Peter Dawson. It’s a western, about a big cattle operation. I’ve only just started, but it is very promising. The narrator is great, the story is complex, and the characters interesting.


I won’t be writing about getting a full night’s sleep every week, but I have to mention one last time, that I did, get a full night’s sleep. It feels awesome to start the weekend like that. I feel strong as ever, and seem to have managed to get on top of things (read:sleep) again. I saw a photo of Mount Charleston, the mountain where we went camping a few weekends ago, with snow on! Apparently it snowed there yesterday. Me LOVE snow!

I’m going to spend the weekend with my daughter. I have an appointment with an eye doctor tomorrow. I should get an oil change for my car. Besides that, I’m hoping to get to enjoy some beautiful nature, and see some fall colors up close this weekend. I did see a photo of amazing fall colors, from southern Utah yesterday. It’s not that far away..

How is your week? Are you enjoying some nice fall weather? Any exciting plans for the weekend? Whatever your plans are, have an amazing weekend! Feel free to grab another cup of coffee before you leave.



Ms Zen


Weekend Coffee Share – Proud (Human) Parent Moment ….. and being a German Shepherd Mom

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If we were having coffee together, I would first of all tell you that the coffee is extra delicious today! Maybe it’s just me, I don’t know. I’ll let you decide 😉

For a week, since last Saturday, I’ve only had herbal ginger tea in the morning, in an attempt to cut my caffeine a little, and get rid of the dizziness I felt for a few days last week. It was so scary, and I think it mostly was caused by lack of sleep. It was a bad circle, the noises of the city constantly waking me up at night. (I never wake up if a coyote sings, or a dog barks, my brain doesn’t register those familiar sounds.) I’ve always been a great sleeper up until now. So this new challenge was unexpected. As a result of not sleeping enough, of course I got tired during my long workdays, and drank more coffee than usual, which affected next night’s sleep. After a week completely without coffee, and going to bed ultra early every night, I feel on top of my world again. Starting today I’m having one cup of coffee in the morning, the rest of the day I’m going to stick to tea.



I also added some more salt to my diet, after the advice I got last week, (after writing about this in my coffee share.) I’m thinking that the salt also helped me get rid of the dizziness. I’m pretty sure I did not get enough. I still wake up several times a night from noises, but I do feel much better. I’m getting earplugs today. I’m not sure how comfortable it will be to sleep with them, but I’m going to give it a try.

Do you like the coffee? It’s so good! How was your week? Any fall colors yet? I have not seen fall colors here in Las Vegas, but I posted a post with fall photos from previous years, yesterday. To get in the right mood. I love fall, and the promise of cold weather to come! I love all seasons, but fall in particular.

My daughter did not have school yesterday (teacher education day,) so I got to have her one extra day this week. I couldn’t be happier about that. Since my current job is taking care of two little boys, it was easy to let her come to work with me. She was the best little helper I could ask for, she always is, and we had lots of fun. I worked an 11 hour day, and she was a real trooper. By the end of the day she read good night stories to the oldest boy. She read books out aloud by herself! It was a very proud parent moment for me! Yes, they were children’s books, and I did help her with some more challenging words, but still. I am so happy! Reading have added so much to my life. The ability to read, and learn bout anything under the sky, and above! It certainly inspired me to a much richer life, with travel, and opportunities I would not of been able to think out myself, without a little inspiration from books. My daughter is on that doorstep now! That excites me! Definitely the highlight of my week (and it’s been a great week.)

I’ve made it a point from the moment I found out that I was pregnant with her, and every day she’s been with me (which is 99.9 % of her days,) to read to her, both in English and Swedish every day. She also sees that I choose reading a good book, before watching TV every day as well. If she is interested in a subject I try my best to find a book about it. Sure there is easier ways to find inspiration nowadays, when you can google anything and get an answer within seconds, but she will get that anyways. Of course reading is useful when she’s playing Minecraft, and other games on her Ipad as well. I’m trying to be balanced about screen time, and she does have access to my computer, supervised of course.

I’m going to keep a steady stream of books that I believe would interest her available. I remember being 6 years old, reading fascinating stories (about horses of course..my favorite series was about a girl living on a secluded ranch in Mongolia, watching wild horses struggle to find feed, fighting the elements, and evil humans..) by the light of a flashlight, under my blanket, way after bedtime. I know now that my mom knew, and happily approved, even though she pretended to not like that I wasn’t respecting lights out.

I’ve read two excellent western novels this week, Stand proud, and Eye of the hawk, by Elmer Kelton. I’m well ahead (92%) of my reading challenge at Goodreads, thanks for asking 😉 I’m looking forward to a lot of reading this weekend. Next it will be a WWII novel. Have you read any good books lately?

It’s supposed to be windy. Except one trip to the grocery store, there’s not a whole lot of plans. My daughter and her wishes, will have my full attention. She has been saving her allowance (that she gets for doing chores..yes I am a little old fashioned,) for a while, and she wanted to look at some toys today. We’ll probably do that after breaksfast, play in the pool, take Gretchen to some park.  If my daughter feels up to it, there’s a park only ten minutes away, that has a playground for bigger kids, that I think she would enjoy a lot (she haven’t been there yet,) they also have some hiking trails (that’s how I found it,) It’s not supposed to be super hot today.

Any fun plans for the weekend?



I almost forgot (selective thinking..,) I actually have an issue that I need to give attention this weekend. In the house where I live, there’s one more dog. She was here before Gretchen, so naturally this is her house. She’s an indoor dog, and super sweet. She spends her days hanging out with me and the kids, when we’re inside. Gretchen prefer to be outside, having access to the backyard, and the big pool. She loves the pool! Most of the day this keeps them separate, but when the other dog needs to go outside, everything have been fine with them getting along. I’d say mostly due to Gretchen’s laid back, patient personality. The other dog have been growling at her a lot (a sign of aggression/threat,) pawing at her face, and even jumping up on her back. Mostly during play. Most dogs would not of put up with all this, but Gretchen did, until last weekend. My daughter and I was playing in the pool. Gretchen walked up to my daughter, whom she is trained to protect (I brought my daughter to some of our personal protection lessons,) the other dog came up and growled. That was it. Gretchen drew the line and said no more.  She bit the other dog in her face. I opened the door, and let the other dog in the house. Not thinking so much about it. I didn’t see it coming. Gretchen have been treating the other dog almost like a baby, just putting up with things. And that is her usual way. I could totally understand why it happened though. The other dog, a little cute thing, have been allowed to growl even to people (and been getting attention by doing it. Now it’s a patterned behavior in her.) Later when we got inside, my daughter saw that the other dog was bleeding from her face. She had a puncture made by Gretchen’s teeth between her eyes. She’s fine now. But naturally it doesn’t work that Gretchen bites her. That’s not acceptable. The other dog’s owner (the family I work for,) and I have been talking about how to deal with it. This week I’ve kept them separate. Taking Gretchen inside every time the other dog needs to go out. This weekend we’re going to walk them, both on a leash, in a park, and let them greet on an neutral place, in a safe way. I’m thinking that we are going to have to do this many times. It’s tricky. I can’t have Gretchen bite another dog, but on the other hand she is doing everything she is supposed to do. I have never seen her initiate an aggressive behavior. She will take a lot of provoking  before she gets aggressive. Yes, she is my best friend, but the reason I choose a German Shepherd is because I’ve been a single mom for several years, and I like to spend time in places where I can’t count on anyone else for protection. I want Gretchen to take care of business when there is a threat. She has a great mind, and I’ve never seen her pick a fight with anyone, human, or animal. She is even friendly with cats. That in mind she can make a grown man wet his pants, she has. It’s definitely not an easy situation. She is a really good dog.

I have some things to think about this weekend, but definitely mostly the pleasure of spending extra time with my daughter.


Weekend Coffee Share is a time for us to take a break out of our lives and enjoy some time catching up with friends (old and new)!
Grab a cup of coffee and share with us! What’s been going on in your life? What are your weekend plans? Is there a topic you’ve just been ruminating on that you want to talk about?
All are welcome! Just add your link to the Linky-List, and be sure to visit others and join in their conversations!


Have an awesome weekend!!


Ms Zen