Weekend Coffee Share – almost a Las Vegas local…. or not?

Weekend Coffee Share is a time for us to take a break out of our lives and enjoy some time catching up with friends (old and new)! Grab a cup of coffee and share with us! What’s been going on in your life? What are your weekend plans? Is there a topic you’ve just been ruminating on that you want to talk about? All are welcome! 

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How are you doing today? It’s Friday, and life is good, right? There’s plenty of coffee, if you’d like a cup? How is your week so far?

I’d say that I feel great, on top of my world great. I have a fun adventure planned for my daughter this weekend. She’s going to be so stoked, and that makes me very excited. I told her about it this morning, but she doesn’t know exactly how awesome it really is going to be. I spent a lot of time planning this adventure, and getting everything ready. As you might remember she asked me two weekends ago why we never go on adventures anymore… (like if moving over 600 miles, to another state, isn’t adventure enough…) When she said that, I immediately started to think of fun adventures. Girl..I’m going to give you a good one! I can give you one clue, and tell you the rest when we get back on Sunday. It will include getting out of the city. (It’s going to be 109 in Las Vegas this weekend, I don’t really care so much for more heat.) Lol, what did you say? You already knew that I wasn’t going to stay in the city during a weekend? So that’s not a good clue? Sorry.. that is the only clue I will give you, for now. I promise a full update afterwards. Well, I guess I could tell you that the adventure will include roasting marshmallows over a campfire. Do you have any fun plans for the weekend? 

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It’s been a great week here in southern Nevada. I’ve had lots of fun at work, getting to know the kids better. I’ve had time to work on my photography, learning more about my new Canon EOS 6D Mark ii. I’ve also edited all the photos from last weekends adventure, even though I haven’t had a chance to share all of them yet. The best ones, if you ask me, are yet to come.

I’ve made some new local friends. People seem very friendly, and open here. I take the kids at work out to parks, and talk to other parents, or they talk to me. When I go out on photo excursions I often meet other photographers, that likes to talk. When I work with my German Shepherd a lot of people approach me. I’ve had a few offers from people wanting me to train their dogs, and a few people trying to buy Gretchen from me. I have been offered several thousands for her, even though I didn’t pay a dollar for her when I got her, she is worth a lot now with all the training I’ve put into her. For me she is priceless, and I will never sell her. She is my best friend. Anyways, it seems easy to make new friends here. Actually a lot easier than in northern California. Not that I ever had a problem making friends, but here it seems very easy. The days are just flying by. I might not feel like a local quiet yet, but I do like it here. (As long as I get to do some exploring outside the city every week.)

The sweet family I work for took me out on Wednesday night, to a very good buffet at the M RESORT SPA CASINO. It was absolutely delicious, and everything was super fresh. The casino itself was exquisite. I particularly liked the entry, it had beautiful flower arrangements in a glass wall. I was kicking myself a little, because I knew that the lens I had on my camera wasn’t going to do the sen justice, so I didn’t even try taking the picture. I will be back for that one..

I hope you’re having a wonderful, amazing weekend!


Ms Zen

Red Rock Canyon

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A black and white shot of Red Rock Canyon (NV,) from a few days ago. Still having so much fun experimenting with my new camera! Of this particular shot I like the black and white one better, than the color version. I shot it in color, and it was good, but when I processed the photo to black and white, I felt that for this shot black and white was perfect.

This is the color version.

rr3 (1)

I’m happy with the color version as well. The new camera is doing a good job. I’m still in the very beginning of learning how to work it. I’ve been skipping a lot back and forth between Nikon and Canon lately. I do like this Canon EOS 6D Mark ii a lot. I’m going to stick with it, and invest in good lenses as I go along.

rr2 (1)

A couple more color shots of the Red Rocks.

rr1 (1)

I’m starting to like it here. Getting in to some good routines, with dog training, and exercise, found some good new places, and met some cool people. I actually like it better than I imagined. It is a huge difference to live in a big city, compared to the countryside, but I am doing all the tricks I can come up with to like it. Like going for cool scenic drives with my camera. I’m also visiting a nearby park every day, using it as Gretchen’s class room.

This was last night.

Early this morning.

In fact I just came back from our third visit there today. In the evening it’s usually the same people in the park. Some play soccer, some play basket ball, kids play at the play ground, adults run or walk the trails, dog people hang out. A lot of fun distractions, and an excellent place to both play with your dog, and do some obedience training. I’ve talked to a few people there, that approached me while I’m working with Gretchen. One man tonight wanted to buy her. Another guy, that always walks his dog there in the evening, was chatting with a large group of people when I walked by, he said that they all were talking about what a perfect dog I have. ..and she is, for me. I love her so much.

I hope your week got off to an incredible, awesome start!!



Ms Zen