Weekend Coffee Share

Welcome to the weekend. How about some coffee? It’s late Friday afternoon in Sweden, but I know that many of you are just starting your day, so maybe coffee is the way to go? I just had some green tea with vanilla. Maybe I can offer you a cup? How is your week?  We celebratedContinue reading “Weekend Coffee Share”

Weekend Coffee Share – Spring In The Air

It’s already weekend again! We’ve had a four day work week here, Monday being a red day. It’s been windy all week, and around 40F. I’m doing laundry, and hanging it outside today, for the first time this year. Spring is in the air. We are suppose to get temperatures in the 60’s next week. 60’sContinue reading “Weekend Coffee Share – Spring In The Air”

Weekend Coffee Share – thoughts from a teacher during the Covid 19 pandemi

Welcome weekend! Would you like a cup of strong, black coffee from my French press, or perhaps some green tea today?  I just finished my usual two cups of coffee, while admiring the sunrise. It is Saturday morning, and I am looking forward to give my sweet girl some one-on-one time this weekend. She isContinue reading “Weekend Coffee Share – thoughts from a teacher during the Covid 19 pandemi”