The Weekly Smile

There’s so many reasons to be grateful, and keep a smile on your face. This week I’ve been  meditating about all the extraordinary places that I’ve seen since I moved to Las Vegas, almost a year ago. Places I probably never would of spent so much time exploring, if I didn’t live here. Places likeContinue reading “The Weekly Smile”

Who Would Like To Live Here?

Would YOU live here? LOL. The Cabins at Valley of Fire State Park (NV,) was originally built by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) soon after the Valley of Fire became a state park in 1935. They are constructed of native sandstone and were used for many years to shelter campers and travelers to the park.Continue reading “Who Would Like To Live Here?”

The Spirit Of The Sandstone

Altl Rock I experienced my first cloudy day at Valley of Fire a few days ago. It was like all the colors got so much more intense. It invited us to explore, and inspired my daughter to feel the sand, and the rocks with her hands, and bare feet. The intensity of the colors wereContinue reading “The Spirit Of The Sandstone”