The Weekly Smile – Rhyolite

My friend Trent shares a Weekly Smile, and encourage others to join! There’s so many things to be grateful for, small and big things. I try to join every week. This week my smile goes to the fact that I got out of the city this weekend. It was absolutely fabulous! We went on aContinue reading “The Weekly Smile – Rhyolite”

Homeschooling Update

When you decide to homeschool in the State of Nevada (where we live,) you need to file a notice of intent, and an education plan for your child. I did just that a few weeks ago, today I received my written acknowledgment of receipt the proof of compliance with Nevada’s compulsory attendance law, that I need toContinue reading “Homeschooling Update”

Weekend Coffee Share – Settling In

Is it already Friday? I actually had to double check, before writing this post! How is your week? Can I offer you some coffee? Or tea? Weekend Coffee Share is a time for us to take a break out of our lives and enjoy some time catching up with friends (old and new)! Grab aContinue reading “Weekend Coffee Share – Settling In”