Weekend Coffee Share – Spring Update, And A Visit To Falun Copper Mine

It’s raining like crazy today, and I suggest that we have coffee on the covered porch. If you sit at one end of the porch, and I stay over at the other side we can still keep our distance. ..or we can just enjoy our virtual coffee date 🙂 How are things in your cornerContinue reading “Weekend Coffee Share – Spring Update, And A Visit To Falun Copper Mine”

Oatman (AZ) – Where the burros rule the streets

On the  way home from my future homestead last weekend we took the scenic Route 66. We dared driving up Sitegraves Pass, and to the very interesting gold rush town of Oatman. It was my second visit, and it felt like there was even more burros than the first time I visited. They are literallyContinue reading “Oatman (AZ) – Where the burros rule the streets”

The gold-era ghost town of Rhyolite, part 3

I’ve shared a couple posts from our visit to the gold-era ghost town of Rhyolite (NV,) The Last Supper, and Tom T. Kelly’s bottle house. This is the last post, with some final photos from our visit.  Rhyolite is located 120 miles (190 km) northwest of Las Vegas. It was a mining town through andContinue reading “The gold-era ghost town of Rhyolite, part 3”