The Big Move 2

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Yesterday’s sunrise. I left Reno at 5 am yesterday. This is outside Yerington (NV.) By coincidence only minutes from a ranch I worked at 3 years ago.

Good morning, I’m right outside Vegas, about to start my new job in a couple hours. This is just a short note, to tell you that the drive has been super smooth. It was a thrill to see my amazing daughter yesterday. I’m very excited about everything!

Here’s some photos from yesterday.

Walker Lake (1).jpg

Walker Lake (NV.)

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Stretching our legs a little.

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While getting gas in Pahrump (NV,) there was a big fire very close to the gas station….those fires…


Seeing my daughter, holding her close, laughing with her, and hearing her stories makes everything worth while. The light of my universe ❤

Have an awesome day! I can’t wait to catch up with all of you 🙂


Ms Zen


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As this weekend comes to an end I feel an overwhelming wave of gratitude coming over me. It’s been a fantastic weekend. I have no words. So instead I’m sharing this photo from earlier today. I hope your weekend was magical, relaxing, fun, energizing, and everything else you wanted it to be.


Ms Zen


Hands Framed Print featuring the photograph Temporary by Sagittarius Viking

It was a short fleeting moment. I was sitting on my bed, in the rental house in Napa. My daughter was 4months old. It was right before her first Christmas. My daughter was taking a nap right next to me, I was comfortably sitting in bed, editing photos on my computer. She woke up, looked at me very intensely and grabbed my middle finger. She did not let go. I had my camera within reach and captured the moment. I’m glad I did. It was a quiet moment of connection.

This was almost exactly 5 years ago to the day. The house we used to rent, where all those memories were made, burned down in the recent fires. My daughter’s hand is obviously not that tiny anymore! Even though she still enjoys holding my hand, this moment was a temporary blessing. When she was a baby I felt like time was standing still. I was wrong!

Have you ever felt like that? Like you’re in a vacuum? That time isn’t moving in any direction? In hindsight I’m extremely grateful for that special time we had, when the whole world was just her and I.


Ms Zen