Favorite Place – Castle Crags

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Yesterday I was supposed to go snowboarding with a friend. I had been looking forward to it for a while. I haven’t done much snowboarding this winter, and my new snowboard is barely broken in. (Getting 100+ days/year is a fading memory.) I’d just finished packing my stuff, and some yummy lunch, when my friend discovered that his snowboard was stolen, he had it in a storage place. Slightly disappointed we decided to enjoy the day outdoors anyways.

We decided to go snowshoeing above Heart Lake. We rented snowshoes, and drove up there…or almost up there. Two miles from Castle Lake, the trailhead you park at, to hike to Heart Lake, there was so much snow on the road that we decided it wasn’t worth the risk of getting stuck. It had been lots of snow for a few miles, but as we gained elevation the snow depth increased even more. It was only two weeks ago since my last visit there, but there was considerably more snow now, and the temperatures were dropping. The road started to become very icy.

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Of course we couldn’t give up on the day yet, there was still a few hours of daylight left. We decided to visit Castle Crags. It was marvelous, as always. It was the first time I visited Castle Crags National Park that I didn’t see any bears. There’s lots of black bears in this National Park, I usually see them, but I’ve never been bothered by any of them.

I think the majestic granite spires of Castle Crags, in northern California, is one of the coolest places around. I enjoy feeling small, in comparison to the awe inspiring nature in Castle Crags wilderness area. I keep returning. Sometimes to enjoy the view, or show visitors these amazing creations, sometimes for a hike, a picnic, or some silent meditation. It’s definitely one of my favorite places.  Despite everything, it was a great day.


Do you have a favorite place that you keep returning to?

I hope that you had a wonderful weekend, and that the new week started in the best possible way for you 🙂



Ms Zen

Road Trip To The Lost Coast

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This morning I finally finished editing the last photos from my Birthday Road Trip to the Lost Coast, last month!

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Seeing these signs always freaks me out a little bit. I guess that’s the point, sort of, to be aware of where you are, and the potential danger. I could never live in an area that is a tsunami hazard zone. Visiting them briefly, and enjoying the magnificent scenery is more than sufficient to me.

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I don’t mention it so often, but if you’re interested in prints of a photo that you see here on the blog, click on the photo and you’ll see available prints. (With the exception of family photos and iPhone snapshots, they are not for sale, they don’t have a link..) I use Fine Art America for printing/packaging/shipping, and you can safely use the shopping cart that you’ll see after choosing your print. They even have a money back guarantee. (I’m very happy with their service, could be good to know if you’re a photographer thinking about selling your prints. I’ve used them for a few years, and only had one return so far. They fixed it quickly and the customer remained happy.)

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Mornings are my favorite time of the day. I took this photo during a hike, on the morning of my birthday. It was a great start of my day.

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The Rock; huge rock outside Ferndale (CA.) The legend says that a Portuguese man lived in a cave inside the rock for several years, and that a local widow later joined him there, causing a huge scandal. You can only enter the cave from the ocean side. Very few people have actually been to the cave, but the locals claims that it exists.

lc6 (1)

Another shot from my birthday, with the rock (that has a cave inside,) in the background.

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This is the very last photo from my Birthday Road Trip. This post is my entry to this week’s photo challenge Variations on a ThemeI hope you enjoyed the early morning hike, and the trip. Don’t you just love driving a sports car along the coast of California? I love when the wind catches my hair, and the cool (almost cold..it is winter..) feeling in my face, as I devour the salty scents of the ocean. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.


Ms Zen