Our Most Valuable Asset

If I put a question mark after the statement in the title of this blog post. What would your answer be? What is our most valuable asset? What do we really need? If we have shelter, clean water, air to breath, food to eat – what else do we really need after that?

My mom taught me that time is our most valuable asset. I believe that to be true, along with good health. Good health, so that we are able to enjoy that time. To be able to learn, thrive, give, live, and love. What do you think? The memories we make with our loved ones, the time we spend with them, there’s no price tag on that.

This morning as I was meditating over all the good things I’m grateful for, time with my daughter came up. It always does. I’m so eternally grateful for that little voice that told me work part time when your daughter is little, and spend as much time as you possibly can with her. I’m grateful for my moms example, that showed me what’s possible, and truly important.

My daughter is 6 years old, and in school now. She has her own connections, friends, interests, hobbies, and opinions. I know she won’t remember the 48 states we visited, all the adventures, the books we read, the conversations we had, the horses we rode, and experiences we shared during her first years. Deep down in her subconscious, I know it is making a difference in her life. It sure had a huge impact in my life, still does. I’m so much more humble, grateful, and thankful now. But being a single mom in a new country, also taught me to stand up for myself, on a completely different level.

I’ve started to put together a book for my daughter. It’s not a book I’m planning on publishing, for the public to read. It’s just my thoughts, and photos from our adventures. It starts right after her birth, and ends when she starts school. I’m hoping to have it in print for her this Christmas. Her first years was as far from traditional that one could have, and I don’t think she realizes that. I think she is big enough now to appreciate a collection of stories, and photos of her first years. I’m thinking that it might help her, maybe now,  but also later in life, to understand who she is, and where she comes from. I’ve just started this project, but working with it fills me with gratitude.

I took the photo in the beginning at a 7000 acres ranch I worked at for almost a year, when she was 2-3 years old. It was in the middle of nowhere, in Nevada’s desert. We lived in a very comfortable RV, just my daughter and I. It was very peaceful. Once a week, or every ten days we drove in to town for supplies, and that was a big happening! Looking back at that time, I’m so happy we had it, challenges and all. I learned a lot about myself, what I’m capable of, and what I need, to be able to be my best. I felt that I had all the time in the world, to breath, to feel, to just listen to my daughter, and follow her explorations around the sage brush.

Just some thoughts for your Saturday 🙂 I hope you’re having an awesome weekend so far!


Ms Zen


Carr Fire Thursday Morning

The fire is slightly bigger than yesterday, but has a higher percentage of overall containment. More evacuations orders have been lifted. These are the numbers from last night. 

Size: 121,049 acres 

Containment: 35% 

Expected Full Containment: Unknown 

Firefighter Injuries/Fatalities: 2 


Structures Threatened: 1,658 

Residential Structures Destroyed: 1,058 

Commercial Structures Destroyed: 13 

Other Destroyed: 475 

Residential Structures Damaged: 185 

Commercial Structures Damaged: 7 

Other Damaged: 63 

Situation Summary:  Unstable conditions, shifting winds, steep terrain, and dry fuels continue to challenge firefighters. A Fire Weather Watch has been issued for Thursday evening through Saturday. Winds increase this evening from the north- northwest with gusts up to 35 mph along the ridges which will lead to critical fire weather conditions. Crews will work to mitigate potential spotting across control lines. 



When people ask me what I do, I usually reply something like; I’m a teacher, gardener, explorer, photographer, blogger, and crazy horse girl. It’s not an easy question to answer when you do so many different things. Yesterday I felt very much like the crazy horse girl. LOL. Fancy likes to be groomed every day, and of course I’m happy to comply with that. She is always so grateful. Ghost enjoyed being groomed to, but Fancy really, really enjoyed it. She misses my daughter a lot. She keeps looking for her. Naturally I miss my daughter like crazy as well. Fancy and I share this feeling in a silent understanding. She is a very wise horse. Ghost is intelligent. Fancy being older, is wise.

I also started a couple different tomato varieties from seed yesterday. They take 60-75 days to mature, and that is about what I have before fall comes. It’s always a little risky to start seeds this time, but I’ll take my chances. We still have three digit temperatures outside. I will keep the seed, and later seedlings inside, until we get around 80 degrees, and they are ready to go in the ground. I believe I timed it pretty good. It feels weird to start new tomatoes when I have more than I can eat right now. The new plants should lapse into the old ones, when it comes to harvest. I’m trying to have fresh tomatoes of different varieties throughout the warm season.

It’s 5.30am now, time to feed horses, and go to work. At around 7am there will be an update about the night’s fire activities. With the current unstable conditions it could of gone in any direction over night. I have not heard a lot of activity in the air during the night, which I have the other nights. That could be due to high winds, and unstable conditions. I know this because I did not get much sleep last night. I went to bed early feeling very tired, but kept waking up every hour.

This was just to let my friends and family know that I’m still here. In good spirit. Ready to go if need be.


Ms Zen

Carr Fire – Monday Morning

Fire Update 7.20am

Size: 98,724 acres

Containment: 20%

Not quiet finding the zen this morning. We’re still kind of hanging in the air here. The fire calmed down some over night, and now some local residents post on Facebook that it’s picking up again. No new official reports for the day yet (6am.) As of last night the Carr Fire was 95,368 acres and 17% contained.

We are not in the line of fire. The smoke comes and goes. Right now it’s not bad (considering that we’re right next to the fire.) For a couple hours yesterday it was horrible, but then it went down to doable levels again. We woke up without water. We have bottled water for drinking, and the horses are fine for another couple of days. We’re going to look into that. We’re on a well, and not city water. Besides not having running water, we’re decently comfortable. My dog Gretchen, that I wrote about yesterday, did eat a little bit, and are mostly content just resting close to me. She is definitely affected by the situation.

My lungs are still telling me to keep inside as much as possible (I had a couple severe pneumonias as a child/teenager, that unfortunately resulted in sensitive airways.) I stayed inside all day yesterday and felt relatively OK. I read a lot, kept myself updated about the fire, communicated with family/friends, and took care of all the cucumber from my garden that were building up in my fridge. I made three different kind of pickles; Ghost Chili Pickles, Dill Pickles, and Parsley Pickles. It was fun.

I’m hoping to be able to stay here. Just wanted to keep you posted. I do have my bags packed by the door. There’s no telling what will happen. I got a few hours of sleep. Very grateful for that. Thank you firefighter’s and first responders for working around the clock, to save life’s and homes. We are forever grateful!

Before ending this post I need to share two super positive happenings from northern California, in the midst of all the chaos!

  1. Two mustangs placed in top ten, in the world’s toughest endurance race the Tevis Cup (took place Saturday. In northern California.) Cody, one of them WON The Haggins Cup (Sunday,) the award to the top ten horse found to be in the “most superior physical condition” after successful completing!! SO AWESOME!! Especially now when there’s thousands of mustangs in BLM’s holding pens, actually in risk to be sent to slaughter. Perfectly healthy horses, that could, with training, excel in many different disciplines. Just like the two amazing horses we saw this weekend. It made me incredibly happy to see. I’ve gentled, and started a few wild mustangs, and I know how amazing they are. Just so happy that the world gets to see their true potential. They need all the positive publicity they can get. More mustangs need to get out of those holding pens!
  2. Nellie Williams Miller, a local girl from Cottonwood (next to the Carr Fire,) won a prestigious barrel race.


Just a short update to let you know what’s going on, and for my friends and family to know that I’m still here. I hope that your week starts in the best possible way. Praying for safety for all. ❤ If it’s at all possible I will be back with updates.



Ms Zen