The Weekly Smile for the 16th of December, 2019

The Weekly Smile is a round-up of gratitude, held by my friend Trent. This week, just like last week, I have so much to be grateful for, so many things to smile about. I don’t know if it is the season, but I’ve noticed lately that there are many good people in the world. (Big revelation…I know.) IContinue reading “The Weekly Smile for the 16th of December, 2019”

The Weekly Smile – The Start of The Holiday Season

My Weekly Smile this week could be so many different things, but I’m choosing the beautiful Christmas Market we visited Sunday afternoon. It was a magical winter wonderland with tempting smells of Christmas food and candy everywhere, along with Christmas decorations and trees for sale. All the stores were open as well. There was a stage withContinue reading “The Weekly Smile – The Start of The Holiday Season”