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Weekend Coffee Share  – A Good Week!

It’s still dark outside my window, the house is quiet and it’s the perfect time to enjoy a cup of coffee. What would you like? This week I’ve been getting up very early every day, between 4am and 4.30am. My body does not acknowledge… Continue Reading “Weekend Coffee Share  – A Good Week!”

Weekend Coffee Share – Birthday Party & A Light At The End of The Tunnel

Welcome! Let’s have some coffee, or tea? I think that you might prefer sitting inside today. The temperatures are still in the three digits, and we are expecting a high of 110 Sunday. How is your week so far? It’s been a busy week… Continue Reading “Weekend Coffee Share – Birthday Party & A Light At The End of The Tunnel”

Our Most Valuable Asset

If I put a question mark after the statement in the title of this blog post. What would your answer be? What is our most valuable asset? What do we really need? If we have shelter, clean water, air to breath, food to eat… Continue Reading “Our Most Valuable Asset”