Weekend Coffee Share – Spring Update, And A Visit To Falun Copper Mine

It’s raining like crazy today, and I suggest that we have coffee on the covered porch. If you sit at one end of the porch, and I stay over at the other side we can still keep our distance. ..or we can just enjoy our virtual coffee date 🙂 How are things in your cornerContinue reading “Weekend Coffee Share – Spring Update, And A Visit To Falun Copper Mine”

Weekend Coffee Share – Death Valley National Park

Happy Mother’s Day all fabulous moms out there! I lost my mom 28 years ago, as a celebration to her life I take my own daughter out on an adventure every Mother’s Day Weekend. This year we went to Death Valley National Park (CA.) I was hoping that we could have our weekly coffee dateContinue reading “Weekend Coffee Share – Death Valley National Park”

The Picture Of A Strong Woman

My mother was a strong woman, with a big heart. My sister and I always knew that we were her number one priority. She didn’t have to say it, she she showed us every day. She dedicated most of her free time to us, and seemed to be very happy with her choice. She encouragedContinue reading “The Picture Of A Strong Woman”