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Route 66

When my daughter was very little we drove down Route 66, all the way from Chicago to Los Angeles. That’s when I first got a taste of Arizona. I have not driven then whole stretch of Route 66 after that one time, but the… Continue Reading “Route 66”


My friend Trent have a Weekly Smile post every week, where he share positive experiences from the past week, and encourage others to do the same. Get the good energy flowing! There’s so many things to be grateful for, small and big things. I’m going… Continue Reading “THE WEEKLY SMILE”

Weekend Coffee Share…… All good things

Yesterday I went to Target to pick up a few things for my daughter, and saw this cup that screamed my name. I love it when my everyday items reminds me about my dreams, and priorities. This cup does so in two ways; One,… Continue Reading “Weekend Coffee Share…… All good things”