Weekend Coffee Share – Halloween

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I’m on my second cup of the black magic brew this morning. Can I get you some? How would you like yours? I have tea as well, if you’d rather have tea.

How is your week so far? I’m having a good week. Starting yesterday I get off work at 4pm every weekday. Since it’s only been one day I can’t really say how it is, but I assume it’s going to be totally awesome!

This week have pretty much all been about Halloween. Preparing for Halloween, and celebrating Halloween. I carved pumpkins with the little boys at work in the beginning of the week. Since they are only 9 months, and (almost) two years old, it had to be an entertaining, rather quick process, to keep their interest. A challenge I’m always up for! I feel that it was very successful, as they were mesmerized the whole time. It might not of been my most artistic pumpkins, but I am very happy that they enjoyed it so much.

It’s crazy, I’ve only been the little boys nanny for three months, but I love those boys, like if they were my own. They have totally stolen my heart. I have so much fun with them. They are always up for adventures, and they LOVE music. Every day is filled with laughter, games, long walks, time at the playground, fairytales, crafts, funny faces, songs, laughter, and lots of hugs and kisses. I definitely feel that I am at the right place.

On Halloween, I drove to where my daughter now lives, with her dad, to go trick and treating with her. In the name of being open-minded (LOL,) I ended up trick and treating with her stepmom, my ex husband, and my daughter’ step sister. It did go well, even though I felt it was slightly weird. We went trick and treating for a couple hours. The girls had a blast, which was the most important. I am glad I did go.





Do you follow the series Ghost Adventures? I do watch it from time to time. It’s usually a recorded show, where they visit ghost towns, and haunted houses. On Halloween they had a live show, here in Vegas. I watched it on TV, from a few miles away. It was scary!! It took place at a haunted museum here in town. How was your Halloween?

Last night I went to a really nice steak house for dinner. It was awesome, and totally unplanned. I normally like to dress up at least a little if going out to dinner, but yesterday was a jeans and t-shirt day. The food was really good.

The 4×4 vehicle (I guess it’s some kind of crossover between a truck and a jeep,) that I bought last weekend is running great. It’s fun to drive, and I have been taking some dirt roads, and mountain roads, to try it out this week. I am hoping to do some more of that this weekend, along with some hiking.

Care for some more coffee? Have a fabulous weekend! 

Weekend Coffee Share is a time for us to take a break out of our lives and enjoy some time catching up with friends (old and new)!
Grab a cup of coffee and share with us! What’s been going on in your life? What are your weekend plans? Is there a topic you’ve just been ruminating on that you want to talk about?
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Ms Zen


Weekend Coffee Share; Northern California Weather & Co-Parenting  

How about another cup of coffee? I sure could use one. I drove my daughter to Sacramento yesterday afternoon, to leave her with her dad for the rest of the summer. That was kind of hard. I stayed the night at a nice hotel, but didn’t get much sleep. Just too loud in the city. I started driving back at 4.30am this morning, and had a big cup of the black magical brew on the go. I never eat at McDonalds, but if I’m on a road trip, it’s usually the only place open for a coffee when I start driving in the am. The coffee was extra delicious this morning, but I’d love to have another cup with you. How do you like it?


I stopped by the side of the road to watch the sunrise this morning, while enjoying my coffee. It was magical. 

It’s been a  busy week, with very hot weather. I’ve spent every second possible with my daughter, having many conversations, and trying to prepare her the best I can. She is always with me, and is very used to me being there for her. I’m sure she will be fine. Her dad is a good man, but a workaholic. She haven’t seen him in 6 months, and they haven’t spent all that much time together. It’s just the mom in me hoping that she will get the attention, and care she needs. Not that I have any reason to believe she wouldn’t, but still.. She’s my baby, even though her 6th birthday is coming up. I do her hair every morning, reminding her to brush her teeth good, not snack in between meals..you know, mommy stuff. She’s never ever been away this long. I know that she’s going to have so much fun, going on an airplane for the first time, and spending time with relatives on her dad’s side all over the US. That is what I’m going to focus on. I am happy, and excited for her, that she gets to have a relationship with her dad (I didn’t get that with mine.) Time with him is something she has been craving. She adores him, and I can understand why. I gave her my birthday gift yesterday, a camera, and a camera bag. I helped her put the battery and memory card in, and showed her the basic settings, before saying good bye yesterday. She’s been borrowing mine a lot lately, and she was thrilled to get her own.  

The garden is doing good. Fighting the heat. Two days ago we had a high of 117. There’s lots of fires all over northern California. It’s going to be around 108-110 this weekend. We harvested our first corn, and cucumber earlier this week. We still have plenty of squash, and tomatoes. The salad is doing OK, and so is the kitchen herbs. I’m kind of amazed that the salad is still doing OK. I thought for a while that I wasn’t going to  get more salad, but the beautiful green blessings just keeps coming. This time of the year I usually have problem keeping the salad alive. I planted it in my compost from last year, earlier this spring, and have been mulching a lot on top of that. Maybe that’s why. Last year I bought organic soil, and by July there was no nutrition left. A high percentage of what I eat now comes from my own backyard. I like that! It’s something that I am working hard to increase even more. My goal is to have my own homestead, and being as self sufficient as possible. At least knowing that I can be. That I don’t need the grocery store to survive. I do enjoy having grocery stores out of convenience, but…I don’t want to depend on them, and I don’t. Everything one would need for survival is available within a short distance from where I live. Hopefully I will never be forced to actually experience that kind of survival, but this is not a bad place to be. I wouldn’t consider myself a prepper, but I do plan for the future. Different possible scenarios.

How is your week? I have guests coming to visit later today, that is great timing. Giving me something else to think about. I should clean the house before they come. It’s not messy, but I like it when it smells good. Any fun plans for the weekend? 

Weekend Coffee Share is a time for us to take a break out of our lives and enjoy some time catching up with friends (old and new)!
Grab a cup of coffee and share with us!



Ms Zen