Lion Habitat Ranch


We visited the Lion Habitat Ranch today, and had the best of times!


It’s a very well kept non profit sanctuary, in Las Vegas (NV.) Specializing in wild cats.



The Lion Habitat Ranch is also the home to wild birds, a couple tortoises, and a painting giraffe.



They taught the giraffe to paint using clicker training. It was a very cool experience watching him. My daughter was thrilled. She said she loved seeing the lions, but maybe she loved the giraffe even more. At the gift shop she picked a giraffe, that she named Cherry. She swear she’s going to order a tag, like the one we have for our dog, for Cherry, and bring her everywhere she goes. (She also picked two little animals for the two boys I’m taking care of. A lion for the oldest boy, and a giraffe for the youngest baby.)





The animal trainers seemed knowledgeable, passionate and dedicated. The giraffe gave his trainer many kisses. It was a very positive experience, from getting a great welcome at the entrance, and all the way throughout the park. Everything was very clean, well maintained, and welcoming. Everyone working there was smiling. It was just great! I can highly recommend a visit. It’s a few minutes from the strip, and easy to access, of the highway, but still in a very peaceful location. We’re definitely going back. The entrance fee is a modest $20 for locals, and $25 for non-locals. One child (under 14) per adult is free.


I hope you enjoyed the visual tour! How is your weekend treating you? It’s been a great weekend here in Vegas. The weather has finally cooled down. It feels great!


Ms Zen