Weekend Coffee Share – Embracing Las Vegas

I think you would like your coffee hot today. It’s cold. Of course not cold like the blizzard some places experiences right now, but pretty cold. At least it was this morning when I was walking my daughter to school, it was 30 degrees and windy. How would you like your coffee?

So, I kind of made a decision, after taking some photos around the city last weekend. When people ask me what I like the most about Vegas, now after living here for 6 months, I usually think I like getting the hell out of here in my head, and then I answer something polite about how much I love the wonderful nature we’re surrounded by. I still don’t appreciate city life so much, but I’ve made a decision to try to embrace at least part of it a little more. I see some advantages, cool photography opportunities being one of them.

New photography bag. I think I like it. The only thing I’m not thrilled about is that I can’t have my 300mm lens attached to the camera, and close the bag. There is room to have it as an extra lens, on the side, and have a 50mm lens attached to the camera body. On the other hand, I’ll probably need the 50mm more often in the city, compared to a telephoto zoom lens (even though my telephoto zoom lens is my favorite lens, that I use the most.) I moved the inside compartments around a little, to make it suit my needs.

So this week I got myself a new photography bag, for taking photos in the city. And a new very unpractical, WHITE Calvin Klein jacket (no photos of the jacket yet.) I am a very practical person, and it’s so out of the norm for me. I’m thinking, if I feel a little more like I fit in, maybe it’s going to get easier to embrace city life. Not that I’m giving up on my dreams, I’m working harder than ever, and my dreams have not changed one little bit since I was 5 years old. Realistically I need more cash before I can turn my property into a homestead, a sustainable homestead that is. My daughter is in a really good school. I should embrace life here for a while. Vegas have a lot of opportunities. My country soul isn’t super happy about that, but I’ve decided that I need to try harder, and I will.

I’m going to work on improving sides of my photography that I haven’t had the opportunity to fully learn about while living in the countryside; like cityscapes, and event photography. Maybe even some fashion/model photos. I hated my short carrier as a model, but I love photographing beautiful people, in cool settings. There’s lots of very beautiful people here, and an infinite amount of very intriguing places. Embrace is going to be my motto.

That’s the awesome thing with photography, you can bring it with you anywhere, and there’s always new things to learn. I actually have a couple photo shoots booked for the near future, without even trying. Which is encouraging. On top of that my favorite country artist Corb Lund used one of the photos I took when he was in Vegas on his official Instagram account today, with credit to me. Which made me very happy of course. I don’t think that was my best photo of him, but still very cool.

What’s new in your universe this week? What’s the weather like? I’m planning on staying warm this weekend, and when the weather allows I’m going to put together the two greenhouses I’ve ordered for the backyard. Have an awesome weekend!  Thanks for having coffee with me!


Ms Zen