Carr Fire – Update Wednesday Morning

I had a significantly better day yesterday, compared to the other days this past week. The smoke is still unhealthy bad, but it is better than we’ve had lately. The smoke have been horrible for my lungs, and that’ve made it impossible for me to think clearly. I started to get my thinking abilities backContinue reading “Carr Fire – Update Wednesday Morning”

It’s a very important day today!

It’s a very important day today! My baby girls 6th birthday  No-one have ever brought as much joy to my life as you have. I’d do anything for you Princess. Happy Birthday! Love MOM

A Tree I Admire

I’ve always thought olive trees have a special kind of beauty. I think it goes back to the childhood summers I spent in Spain. We had a house in Marbella. This was before it become a tourist attraction. The locals used to stop dead in their tracks, and ask if they could touch our blondContinue reading “A Tree I Admire”