Weekend Coffee Share – Impressed And Grateful

How are you doing this weekend? How about coffee and a game of chess today? Are you up for that? Of course there’s tea, and some other beverages to choose from as well, if coffee isn’t the drink of your choice. 

My daughter and I played a game of chess this morning. It was her idea. We haven’t played in a few weeks, and now I know why! She has been practicing secretly with a boy at school, without telling me. Her game was much improved. She planned ahead in a way that I haven’t seen her do previously. I’m impressed. Impressed is btw the theme of pretty much everything this week. Let me start at the beginning. 

On Monday evening I was sitting next to my daughter on the couch in the living room, relaxing, and watching a movie on my computer (it happened to be a documentary about how young children learn. LOL.) I see a little bubble coming up telling me that there is a mail from her principal with general information to the parents at her school about Covid-19. I stop the movie and read it. Just when I’ve started the movie again her principals name comes up one more time, but from a private email address, not the general one for all the parents. Of course I stop the movie again and read the email. A private email from her principal asking me to please call her, and that I could call her anytime, in the evening as well, with a number attached. Of course my mind started to race, thinking about any number of reasons why my daughter’s principal would like to talk to me. I decide to call her at once. She is a very pleasant lady to talk to. She thanked me for calling so fast, and she didn’t leave me hanging for long. She asked me how I would feel about Ms H (my daughter) taking some of her classes with older children in 4th and 5th grade, to challenge her a little more. She is currently in 2nd grade, (in a Swedish school, her native language is English.) We talked about this for a while, and agreed that she would not start a new class completely, but take some subjects with other classes. She started out this week having math with 5th grade. 

I am very proud of her, and I am extremely grateful for the teacher’s to have seen her, and noticed that she needs to be challenged in these crazy days of Covid-19. I am very happily surprised that my little girl have gotten that kind of attention. Of course I know that she is gifted, but I am her mom, and not one of those moms that ever would ask a favour for their child. My daughter’s principal had many good things to say about my daughter that made me very happy. 

I don’t know if the next thing that happened is connected to this, or not. The next day I wrote a thank you letter to the principal, telling her how grateful I am for everything, and that as a parent it is sometimes difficult to express that to the teachers since we never see them in person these days, but that I want them to know that I am very grateful. I also mentioned that we are moving in December, mentioning the part of town we are moving to, and that my daughter is going to take the bus to school starting December 1st. I’ve already messaged that information to the teachers, but thought I might as well tell the principal since I was talking to her. A few days later I received another email from a different principal, a principal at a private school here in town. In fact her school is situated only a short (about three minutes) walk from the house we are moving to in December. A long, long time ago I put my daughter on the waiting list to this school, without much hope that she would ever get in. I don’t know if there is a coincidence that they offered her to start in January when the next semester starts, or if the schools are talking to each other. This school have more resources. Students from this school are high above the national, and regional standards. I have a few days to think about this. Do I want my daughter to start another new school? She really likes the one she goes to now, but she would have to go on a bus every day if she wants to stay at this school. If she starts a new school it would not only be a good one, but a great one, across the street from us.

I have asked my daughter, trying to explain the pro’s and con’s, but I think it is hard for her to understand what it would mean for her to take the bus by herself everyday. I know she can do it, but if she doesn’t have too? She is only 8 years old. In the end I know I am the one that have to make the decision, and I have to make it soon. I am going to start by taking my daughter there tomorrow. We can’t enter the other school, but I can show her the outside, and make the short walk between our new house and the school, for her to feel the short distance in her body. During busy mornings, having school/work close by is pretty darn nice. 

Do you need a refill on that coffee? As you may have noticed in the photo at the top there is fresh ciabattas this weekend as well. It has become a weekend tradition at our house. Please help yourself to some if you’d like. They are still warm. How is your week? Please tell me about it in a comment. 



Weekend Coffee Share

This week you’ll be happy that we are having a virtual coffee date..my daughter caught a stomach bug earlier this week, likely on Monday at school (since that is the only place she’s been.) She is fine now, but I’d rather not talk about this week all that much. I hope your week have been less about sanitising than mine. (I am SO grateful I did not get sick.) How are you doing? Can I offer you a cup of coffee, or maybe some matcha tea?

I took the photos in this post early this morning, straight from my bedroom window. As you can see the weather is still mild, unusually mild for the season, no snow yet. We are still in our old rental house. We get access to the new place December 1st. I have not yet started packing. It will be an easy move, a short distance, and I don’t have that much stuff.

I did put my big girl pants on earlier this week and choose a company for our electricity needs. There are several companies available, and you can choose many different things. If you don’t choose you automatically get the most expensive rate, from a local company. If you make an active choice you can choose to have a variable rate, or have the rate locked. Even after choosing that, the prices vary between companies, and how much electricity you use also affect the rate. Then there is the important question of where my energy comes from. In Sweden more than 50% of the energy comes from renewable sources, like hydro, solar, or wind power. Obviously I want to pick a 100% renewable energy source, even if that means that I would pay slightly more. I calculated how much electricity I believe we would use in a year, and compared companies that offered renewable energy sources. I picked a bigger, reliable, company, that have been around for several years  that let you pick your own energy source at no extra cost. I picked solar, and initiated a negation. We made a deal yesterday and I am happy with the outcome. It’s a variable rate, that isn’t locked. I can change my mind at any time, or lock the rate this summer when it is likely to be very low. In the most expensive month the cost of electricity in Sweden is only a fraction of what it is in the US. 

Now I’m curious to hear about your week. How are you doing? Any fun plans for the weekend?