Weekend Coffee Share – Week 2

Hi, how are you? Would you like some coffee? Or tea? Today I’m only offering hot beverages, it is currently 16F and very comfortable. This morning it was 3F, including windchill and humidity the actual temperature was -11.2F when I walked my daughter to her school this morning. We have lots of snow and today we’ve enjoyed a bright blue sky and sunny conditions. 

Today I took the bus halfway to and from work, but all the other days this week I’ve walked. It is 6 km one way= 12 km/day, or 7.5 US miles/day. I kan feel those 30+miles in my legs, and of course there was some running, climbing, and sledding with the children at work this week. I feel great in my body, but it definitely was a good decision to take the bus today. I am going to keep walking 3-4 days/week at least. That I can do with some effort, but if I would walk every day I would really be pushing it, especially since some days, if it’s been snowing throughout the day, I have to walk in deep snow. My lungs were in really bad condition after the Carr fire in Northern California 2018, (I lived very close.) I was so scared, it was difficult and painful to breath, and I was constantly dizzy. Now I can breath freely and my body is strong again, I am so grateful that I can enjoy walking some distance again. I have been meditating about my much improved health since moving back to Sweden. That I am grateful is no understatement. I have never been as terrified and lonely as when I started to have issues with my lungs. I feel, and live a life of more gratitude every day now. 

How is your week? How are things in your neck of the woods? Do you have any fun plans for the weekend?