Weekend Coffee Share – Almost Christmas


Rose-hip tea

Welcome to the Weekend Coffee Share, a time for us to take a break out of our lives and enjoy some time catching up with friends (old and new)! Grab a cup of coffee and share with us! There’s freshly brewed coffee, or if you don’t fancy coffee I just bought a lovely rose-hip tea today. During the winter I make an effort to get more vitamin C, for extra energy. I eat two oranges with my breakfast every day and I drink plenty of rose-hip tea throughout the day, because it is loaded with vitamin C. What can I get for you? How are you? Are you ready for Christmas? 

I’ve worked the first week at my new job. I absolutely love it! My colleagues are great, the children are wonderful, the school itself is great; both their philosophy, the building and the outdoor space. The food served at lunch (made from scratch in the house) might be a little too good, luckily it is very healthy. I have never seen young children take seconds and thirds of real food every day, they do here, and it is obvious that it affects their whole day in a positive way. This week I’ve been working alongside the teacher whom I am taking over after. Now I am going to enjoy a Christmas break, and after the break I am on my own, with teaching aides to help me out so not completely alone, but alone as a teacher for our group of kids. I am not worried, but I feel the responsibility and it excites me. There are other very competent teachers in the house that have given me a warm welcome, and I am looking forward to work closely with my new colleagues, and get to know them better. 


An extraordinary beautiful Christmas tree made out of books at our library.

My focus for Christmas is to spend rejuvenating time with my daughter. She had two great first weeks at school, and also started to participate in an after school program this week. Our days these past two weeks have been insanely long, and we need this break. We’ve been commuting almost two hours in the morning, and two hours in the evening. The roads have been icy, and sometimes connecting buses have been late, causing us to miss a bus and having to wait for a long time for the next one. Both my daughter and I knew that this was only going to be for two weeks, and that made it possible for us to do it. When we get back after our Christmas break, full of new energy, we are living in our new house, in the same town as her school and my job. I feel that the heavy part of moving to another continent is done. We made it. After getting home last night I felt a great sense of peace. We actually did it! It’s been so intense, but now everything is lined up and we can even enjoy some time off. Earlier this week I got the last paperwork for our renewed citizenship back and approved. I can really breath now. 

Can I get you a refill on your beverage? How is your week so far? Do you have any fun plans for the weekend? For Christmas?

Love, and a Merry Merry (almost) Christmas ❤ 


Wordless Wednesday


The Weekly Smile for the 16th of December, 2019


The Weekly Smile is a round-up of gratitude, held by my friend Trent. This week, just like last week, I have so much to be grateful for, so many things to smile about. I don’t know if it is the season, but I’ve noticed lately that there are many good people in the world. (Big revelation…I know.)


I feel that I personally have been subject to unexpected kindness in many cases, small and big things. I’m smiling big due to the fact that my daughter really likes her new school, that we found a very special place we are excited to move into after New Year, and that I started my new job today. I am equally excited about all these things. I am excited about the future, and my smile is big. What makes you smile this week? Share some of your smiles!