Weekend Coffee Share – Spring &Working Vacations


Hi, how are you? Are you up for a game of cards? My daughter and I played cards for two hours this morning, while I was sipping on my morning coffee. Of course you can have coffee without playing, if that’s not your thing. How would you like your coffee today?

How is your week? We still have snow, and cold weather. I’m loving it! I went skiing with the kids at work twice this week, mini skis only, but it was so much fun!

In the midst of all the snow I saw the first sign of spring yesterday. It’s a yellow flower called Tussilago in Swedish. I was out walking with my daughter on our way home from a playdate, when I spotted the yellow flower on a southern hillside. What are some of the first signs of spring where you live? Have you seen them yet?


Some of the seeds we planted last weekend have started to sprout. Another sign of spring, even if it’s only in our windowsill. 

I have started to think about how I would like to spend my vacation this summer. For the first time in years (maybe in my whole adult life?) I do not have any animals to consider. I already know where I will be working this fall (I’m counting on my current job to be satisfied with my work and ask me to stay. That would be my preference. If they don’t, I have other offers, so I’m not worried.) All this opens up a lot of opportunities. It’s on my bucket list to experience Iceland, and that is what I am planning to do. I don’t know yet if my daughter will be able to spend time with her dad this summer, or not, I’m thinking that I’m either taking her with me, or going by myself. That’s my big plan. I’m going to have four weeks vacation, and would love to spend them all in Iceland. I joined a paid site that I’ve used previously where you can volunteer  your time, usually around 4hours/day, towards housing and meals. I love this type of working vacation where you get to experience a new place with locals. I’m hoping to be invited to a rural farm where I get to ride horses, help with gardening, and children a few hours a day. Somewhere I could bring my daughter, and it would be fun for her, or I could go by myself and do things I love. 

Previous times I’ve used this site I’ve taken care of horses at ranches in California and Nevada. I’ve only had fabulous experiences. Working, often with someone else, doing something I love, for only 4 hours a day doesn’t make me tired. There’s still plenty of time for relaxation. One year when my daughter was supposed to spend the summer with her dad and his (ex) girlfriend, I was talking to a host in Mongolia, that I was planning on spending the summer with. The family was nomads and needed help herding horses to pastures around the Mongolian steppe. I was so excited. Then her dad broke up with the girl, and didn’t have her that summer, so I couldn’t go. (That’s why I would love to find a place that would accept us both, or only me if she gets to see her dad.) Maybe some time in the future I’d go to Mongolia 🙂 Both Mongolia and Iceland is on my bucket list. Iceland is closer, and if I would bring my daughter it feels safer. Have you ever had a working vacation of some kind? Would you?

I hope you are having a great weekend. Thank you for having coffee with me today.



the iternet uses more electricity than…

I don’t reblog posts so often, but this is worthy of our attention. /Maria

“I always wondered why somebody don’t do
something about global warming.
Then I realised I am somebody.”

Lily Tomlin


The Internet’s data centres alone may already have the same CO2 footprint as global air travel. The good news is that many major Internet companies are becoming more energy conscious, and choosing more renewable sources of power for data centre and operations.

Every Google search comes at a cost to the planet. In processing 3.5 billion searches a day, the world’s most popular website accounts for about 40% of the internet’s carbon footprint.

Carbon Footprint of the Internet

The more emails we send and archive, television and music we stream, and Google Docs we edit – the more devices, servers, and antennas are needed to satisfy our growing and seemingly limitless hunger for data. The Internet improves the energy efficiency of a lot of non-digital industries. But we are connecting so many people and objects now that by some predictions, global communication technologies will be responsible for more carbon emissions in 2025 than any country except…

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