Weekend Coffee Share; Fall Colours & Crazy Weather

Welcome to the Weekend Coffee Share, there’s rain on my window and freshly made dark, black coffee in the French press. This coffee is pure black gold, it has a deep, sinful, almost smoky flavour. Please join me for a cup of coffee, and a conversation.

I just got back inside after a long walk with my daughter. We made it back inside before the rain started. It’s windy and grey outside, some of the clouds are nearly black. We went out looking for fall colours. It’s still pretty green everywhere, but fall and cooler temps are here. We see a little more yellow and red colours every day.

I LOVE this time of the year. It makes me feel so alive. One rainy day earlier this week my daughter and I jumped in rain puddles, while it was raining, until we were soaking wet, and  bursting with laughter from deep inside. If I could I would share some rain with my friends in California, and Oregon. Those fire are so scary. I’m grateful to be out of there, but I think about my friends (two and four legged) all the time. Its like fire season is getting worse every year.

This week have also given us some really beautiful sunny days here, a great mix, lots of fun for the kids. 

How is your week? What have you been up to? 

The rain and wind is increasing in power outside right now. I put several big bottles of drinking water in the fridge this morning, in case we’re having a power outage later…I actually need to run outside, it is hailing now! 

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I think there will be some reading, maybe a movie or two, and some baking this weekend. Do you have any fun plans?

I’ll leave you with this last photo from our walk, Rowan Berry trees are beautiful, and I love making jam out of the berries, mixed with apples. Pancakes with rowanberry-apple jam is a taste straight from my childhood. Have a fabulous weekend!



On My Way To Work

I wanted to share another scene from my town. I took this photo on my way to work, early this beautiful Monday morning. I often get off the bus a couple miles from work and take a power walk in the morning. It feels really good those days that I can do that. I want to start riding a bike to work. It’s about 7 US miles one way, a lot of uphills on the way there. I had a plan to start riding my bike more this summer….then my daughter got the nasty virus, and then she had problems with her ankles, so I couldn’t bring her while trying to get in better shape (I’m not in bad shape, it would just be nice to have 7miles feel easy peasy, without sweating it too much since I have a long day at work after the morning ride.) Well, I’m still working towards being able to ride all the way to work. That said, the power walks in the morning is a step in the right direction. Eventually I will reward my efforts with a new bike, I’m going to work a little harder on my fitness first, so that I really deserve it 😉 I walk different ways, but I often pass this bridge, where the scenery shows you a big part of Falun. The bike and walking paths are well developed, and many. I never have to walk on any dangerous roads. I hope your Monday is a good one. It’s a pretty good day here, almost over. Just need to finish a game of chess with my daughter. See you soon.



Garden Update

I have a thing for fig leaves, I think they are so beautiful. I love watching the light shine on them, and through the leaves.

My container fig trees are still in a growing mood, despite the cool nights, and relatively cool days. We have low in the 30’s and high in the low 60’s. I’ve seen a lot of growth since I bought these two young trees this summer. If you look at the stem of the tree closest in the picture you’ll see a green, thin rope, I tied that at the very top of the tree when I first bought it, and planted it in this pot. Everything above the green rope is new growth, and there is new greenery further down as well. I am so happy about this! The fig trees are in a protected place at my porch, but will be further protected after they dropped their leaves. I will wrap them in a warm blanket over the winter, and put them somewhere dark, and cool. I can’t take them inside, if I do they will not grow any fruit next summer. We could have -10F in the winter. I hope they will survive.

This is my three cherry tomato plants, wrapped in a special plant fabric that my neighbour/landlord/friend gave me yesterday. My daughter and I have been harvesting lots of cherry tomatoes, but there is still hundreds of green ones, in different sizes left. Even some yellow tomato flowers!

A close-up on the plant fabric on the tomato plants. The fabric is suppose to keep them warmer, and protected from wind, while letting the sun shine through. It would be nice to get some more tomatoes, one can only hope 🙂

I repotted my Culinary Sage today. I grew it from seeds this summer in a smaller pot. I read that they are perennials, so I am going to see if it survives the winter. Figure it has a bigger chance of surviving in a bigger pot.

Close-up of the culinary Sage. I love growing sage, the scent when you pass by is lovely, and it is pretty good at keeping mosquitos away. ..and now I haven’t said a word about the culinary uses. I do enjoy having sage in pasta dishes, and in marinades.

That was pretty much it when it comes to garden updates. This last photo shows lovely fall colours in my backyard. I hope your weekend is great! Maybe you’ve noticed that I re-designed my blog last night. I am very happy with the outcome, the simplicity and focus on the photos was exactly what I was after. Unfortunately I accidentally deleted my “about page” and all the 100+ kind comments. Many apologies for that. I did update my “about page”, but I couldn’t retrieve the comments..If you have any thoughts about the new design, feel free to drop me a comment. Do you miss anything? I did take some widgets away, to give it a cleaner, more minimalistic look.