Gardening Plans 2020

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Going through our #seedcollection dreaming about a #garden 💗

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Does the craziness around the world, and the empty shelves make you more aware of where your food comes from? Does it make you want to be more self-sufficient? 

I’m at home this week. My school is open, but I have a terrible cough, and with Corona in town we are advised to stay at home with any respiratory problems. I do not think I have the scary monster, but I am following the recommendations. Hopefully I will be back to work next week. I did have some cough this weekend, but got up at 5 am as usual on Monday morning, but the cough just got worse and worse while I was getting ready for work. I feel bad leaving my colleagues (the few that aren’t at home) by themselves with all the work, but there’s nothing really I can do about it. I talked to one of them on the phone yesterday to see how they are doing. It’s not like I think the world will fall apart without me, but I would prefer to be there since the school is open. I love my job, I miss the kids, and I think very highly of my hard working colleagues. For now I rest, sleep and drink tons of tea. I don’t even have a book to read (very unusual for me,) I finished the last one I had at home this weekend. 

Plenty of good books is definitely on my “future prepping list”. I had a library I was proud of in Las Vegas, but was forced to leave it. Books are heavy. My library consisted of a combination of useful homesteading/gardening books, horse training books, photography & travel books, and exciting novels.  I need to start working on a new library. Beautiful books are satisfying. 

I’ve liked the idea of being as self-sufficient as possible for a long time. That said, since I am only renting my home I was planning on doing just a little bit of gardening this year.The craziness with Corona made me expand my idea a little. I have plenty of seeds, and I’ve tried container gardening with good results before. At the moment I have tomato seedlings thriving in my window, and last weekend I started bell pepper, zucchini, eggplant, peas, and cucumber. My daughter started some pumpkins. I’m not sure that we will get enough sun for the pumpkins, but maybe? I also planted tomatoes and radishes with the kids at work, (in mini greenhouses that they made out of empty egg cartoons filled with soil, and a plastic bag over.)

I’m hoping to be able to find Elderberry bushes, and a couple fruit trees next month, when they start selling them for the season. I got an email this morning with photos of my container fruit tree garden in Las Vegas that I left with a friend there, and it looked fabulous. The figs and pomegranates looked very healthy. I have invested so much time and money in fruit trees, mostly in California, and it is a little sad to think about that. On the other hand it feels good knowing that someone else is enjoying my hard work. One lady I Northern California should be getting a good harvest from the 20+ trees I gave her when I moved from California 2018. Propagating fruit trees is something I really enjoy, and did a lot of in California. It’s very satisfying watching a new tree grow strong roots, and sprout the first new leaves.

I don’t have the same great climate for gardening here, the season is shorter and more limited here in Sweden, but there is still a lot of plants and trees that I can have, and I am going to learn about them now. That is exciting! Do you have exciting gardening plans you are about to start? Or maybe you already started to plant some seedlings? Let me know in the comments! Time for another cup of tea here 🙂 I hope you are in good health!



PS. Things are pretty good considering. When I was proofreading the post I noticed that it may have a negative tone to it, that was not my purpose. I relished the beautiful gardens of the past, while planning a new garden. Both my daughter and I are in good spirits. ❤

Silent Sunday

Weekend Coffee Share – Corona Crazy


Hi, how are you? Last weekend almost feels like a lifetime ago, in a way. Is it totally crazy where you live? I am sure you need some coffee! Or is it a tequila day? Here the crowd is divided, some are hoarding toilet paper and toothpaste, and some go out to afterwork to have beers with their friends. The schools are open, (with a few exceptions.) I’ve been working all week as usual, even had some education myself on Monday (quality self evaluation of the school.) Still Corona is classified as the biggest threat to Sweden in decades. One person have been diagnosed with the Corona virus in my town, and several in my region. We are urged to limit social contacts. 

I’m not panicking in any way, but of course this is worrisome. Maybe not knowing how this will affect us, and society as we know it, is the worst? What is your two cents about the situation? Are you taking any precautions? Are you prepared? 


The song Getting Down On The Mountain by Corb Lund comes to my mind. I’m not the prepper I once was, but surely I have seeds for a big garden, if the situation demands. The surrounding forests are full of food as well, and there is water in abundance all around. I’m sure every one will experience some hardships, the question is how much? And for how long? As always, I believe that keeping ones spirit high, and staying strong is critical. I’m definitely going to do everything I can to make life “normal” for my daughter, whatever happens. Luckily normal have been living in many different ways during my daughter’s first years; off grid in the desert, living on a (few) ranch(es,) living in an RV, living ten minutes from the strip in Las Vegas, and now in a tiny house in the outskirts of the outskirts of a middle-sized town in Sweden. She’s pretty flexible, so am I. 

Do you need a refill of your coffee? I feel that we are doing good. I am good..but still, this is one of those times when it sure would of been nice with a strong, good man by my side. One that doesn’t walk away when things get a little hard, someone else to count on besides me. LOL. I hope that you are doing good! Keep calm, and be strong my friend. Thank you for having coffee with me today.