Weekend Coffee Share – Quality Work And Intentional Living

Good morning! It is early Saturday morning in Sweden, and I am enjoying a cup of coffee. Can I tempt you with one? Or maybe you prefer some tea? How is your week?

I’m having a great week. It’s been productive. I’ve been working regular hours every day except Tuesday. Tuesday was dedicated to quality work at our school. We have a couple days every semester when we close the whole school and evaluate what the students at our school receive when it comes to every aspect of learning; environment, materials, in person meetings, care, facts, fiction, knowledge, guidance, meaningful outdoor activities, imagination, friendships – we evaluates if they get everything we set out to give them on a daily basis. Every team work as a group, and evaluate what kind of days the children have at their department. What are our strong sides? What do we need to improve? Does all of our students get what they need from us? If not, what do we need to change? As of today every department have one teacher, and three teacher’s aides that work together. We have three departments at my school. I’m the teacher at one of the departments. The teacher is leading this quality work at their department, and reports to our principal. We had some great discussions about our work, and how we want to proceed. I feel extremely good about what we do, and what we aim to do. Everyone is onboard, we are having fun, the children are thriving, and I believe the majority (if not all) of the parents are happy, and we meet and exceed all of the national standards. We are good at documenting our work, much better than we were this spring because I now understand more of the somewhat complicated (forever changing) system(s) the school uses. I need to make sure we analyse finished projects as a team every week, that is our weakness. It has been a busy start of the semester and we have not been able to sit down as a team to do this on a weekly basis. With Covid in town there have been a need to help other departments at times, and this work have been postponed. I need to somehow make sure we do this. Overall I am very satisfied and happy with the result of our dedicated work. These days solemnly dedicated to quality work are fantastic. I am very grateful for this extra time. It makes a huge difference in what we can give the children. 

Last night all the personell at my school had a team building activity. We baked pizzas together in the school kitchen. When we finished our most delicious pizzas we played a musical game. It was lots of fun, laughters and a great time. I didn’t stay super late, because my daughter was with a friend of ours, and I needed to get home to her. We work hard at my school, and there is a lot of requirements that we need to meet, there is always new things to learn for us teachers, I do feel that having fun together a couple times every semester to build up the team spirit is important. It does make a difference, and it is expected to participate when possible. 

We’ve been experiencing some challenges with the house we are renting, and combined with the location it doesn’t feel like the best fit anymore. I’ve been starting to look for other options. After living and working here (living outside town, and working at the other side of town) almost a year now I’ve came to the conclusion that we need to live in town when we work/go to school, but that it is very doable to get a small homestead in the countryside to enjoy in weekends/holidays/vacations, build it up while I still work, and retire there later. That is my game plan. I could still have a huge garden every year and be somewhat self-sufficient when it comes to food, but our days when we work/go to school would actually be a lot shorter than they are now, if we lived in town. We are talking about a small town with a lot of green areas, hiking trails, a well developed web of bicycle paths, and big forests at a walking distance. This would also give my daughter more opportunities to try different sports, and other classes/activities that she might want to try. My daughter and I have been talking about this a lot these past couple weeks. I love my job and I can see myself working there for many years. My daughter can still attend the school she goes to for a couple more years, if she wants, and as she grows older the good schools are right there within walking distance. If we want to go on a mini vacation, Stockholm our capital city, is a two hour train ride away. The train even stops at the international airport if we want to go somewhere further away. This is all in the planning stages at the moment. I believe making our days shorter would reduce some stress, and help us live a more mindful, intentional life, while still keeping the dream of a small homestead alive. Tell me about your week. Any fun plans for the weekend?



Weekend Coffee Share

Fall is in full swing here. The colours are amazing. Let’s go for a walk and enjoy our coffee by the lake. How is your week? 

It’s been busy here, pretty much like last week, with work and walks in wonderful nature. We took the kids at work to a nearby ski area one day. There isn’t any snow there yet. Our school have a ski profile and we’ve rented the ski slope several days this coming season. I figure the kids will get more out of the experience if they are already familiar with the location. Seeing it with their own eyes will make it more real for them, and something to look forward to as well. 

How are you doing? Here is the lake, are you ready for some coffee?

Tomorrow is National Cinnamon Roll Day in Sweden, you bet we are going to bake cinnamon rolls tomorrow 🙂 If you come back you can have one! 

I invested in some good hiking boots for my daughter this week. They are waterproof and have extra support for her ankles. I also ordered a couple items for my daughter that Santa is going to deliver for me at Christmas, new snow pants and ice skates. I’m making plans for an active winter with lots of fresh air and outdoor activities. 

Thanks for joining me for a little walk and some coffee! Tell me about your week. Any fun plans for the weekend?