Weekend Coffee Share – Week 6

This week have been intense, to say the least. Lots to do at work, and lots of exercise. I’ve had tons of energy all week. I walked 12 179 steps on Monday, 16 868 steps on Tuesday (while teaching a large number of kids how to use a ski lift by themselves,) 11 416 steps on Wednesday, 11 611 steps on Thursday, and 15 805 steps on Friday (only counting the steps I am taking outside, since I am not wearing my phone when I am inside.) It was the first week I’ve tracked my steps. I knew I walk a lot, but I didn’t know how much!

When the weekend came around I felt a strong need to relax, read and take naps. So that is basically what I’ve been doing this weekend, most of the time. I did fill up the freezer with rye bread that I baked yesterday, and I’ve been taking care of my plants at home (they always get some extra love in the weekend,) helped my daughter with her Swedish homework, written a couple educational plans for work, but I’ve definitely relaxed more than usual this weekend. My body is thanking me for this wise decision. LOL. 

How are you doing? Can I get you some coffee? Or tea perhaps? Maybe your nostrils already told you about the mud-cake cooling down in my kitchen? Feel free to try it, its Valentine’s Day after all, and my kids decided that we are having mud-cake tonight…after dinner. They’ve asked me to bake pizza for dinner, I’ll better get to it. 

Happy Valentine’s Day



Favourite Hikes – Favourite Landscapes

A forest of Joshua Tress in Mojave National Preserve (CA)

My daughter doesn’t see her dad very often, but when she does I usually go hiking and camping solo. I love it, it clears my mind and I feel like a new person afterwards.

One of my favourite places to go hiking alone, meditate, and sleep under the stars is Mojave National Preserve in California. My daughter usually see her dad in California or Nevada (he is always on the road,) and I’ve hiked all the National Parks and State Parks in both States. Of course I’ve only just scratched the surface in most places, but Mojave National Preserve is a favourite and I have explored this place more than some of the others. Maybe it’s because of how wild it is, the different type of geography throughout the park, and all the fascinating wild cacti that grows here that brings me back again and again.

There is plenty of Joshua Trees within the preserve, of all sizes. Maybe the biggest ones are closer to the Nevada border, this photo is taken close to the California border.

The last light for the day. This was a warm December evening three years ago, and I spent the night under the stars not very far from where I took this photo. Camping alone is an understated experience. Have you tried? If not I can highly recommend giving it a try. This post is part of Terri’s Sunday Stills; Favourite Landscapes. I hope you enjoyed the vistas.