Weekend Coffee Share

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Would you like to have a cup of coffee with me this beautiful morning? Any special Easter Weekend plans? My daughter was supposed to spend this week with her dad. She’s been counting down the days since January, when she last saw him. I had my mind set on spending a lot of time working with my horse. That’s partly why I got a saddle for him last week, to be able to stay super busy, and have lots of things to work with (to keep myself distracted.) It’s never easy leaving my daughter with her dad, but this time it didn’t happen. Instead of spending extra time with my horse, I actually spent less time with him (focusing on distracting my daughter from her disappointment.) I’ve still seen him twice a day every day, but we’ve only repeated familiar things, I didn’t introduce anything new. Ghost (my horse) had lots of turn-out time every day this week, and he appreciated the little break. I took the two sunrise photos at the boarding place, earlier this morning.

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Is spring in full bloom in your neck of the woods? It is here! The rain stopped, and we’ve had 75-80 degrees this week. It’s wonderful! Maybe you saw my garden post earlier this week? Where I announced our new place, and future plans.

I am planning on moving Ghost to the new place sometime after April 15. I’m going to do my best to find another horse to be his companion, and that would be a good fit for our family before then. I looked at two this week. They both had potential, but wasn’t the horse. I enjoy the process, but I’m definitely ready to say yes, when I meet the right horse. If it was only me it would be an easy decision, but I am set on finding one that my daughter could enjoy. (I would of said yes to the last horse I looked at yesterday, if I was looking for a horse for me. She would of been fun!) I’d still would like the new horse to be big enough for me, so that I can keep it tuned in, and smooth to ride for my daughter. ..and if her passion for horses would fade, I could still exercise the horse, especially important if the horse is younger. My intention is to offer a forever home, to a horse in need. If occasional guests could enjoy the horse from time to time (read: walk around the property,) it would be a plus, but definitely not necessary. I’m pretty open to breed/age etc, as long as the horse has a sweet disposition, and is suitable for my daughter (within a reasonable future. I don’t mind doing some work to get there.)   

How is the coffee? I think I’m going to have another cup. Would you like a refill? 

Since I am fortunate enough to unexpectedly have my daughter this Easter, I got to dye some eggs yesterday. It was fun! My daughter still beliefs in the Easter Bunny. She thinks that he comes tomorrow, early, before she wakes up, and deliver special eggs with gifts/candy in. I prepared those eggs this morning. LOL. She’s going to like them. Do you celebrate Easter? Any special Easter traditions in your family? I’m going to bake a big ham tonight, and we’re having a special Easter dinner tomorrow, with lots of fixings, and a Swedish Easter cake. 

Happy Easter!

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Ms Zen

Mt. Lassen Sunrise


For this week’s photo challenge, explore the vibrant, hopeful colors of your favorite sunrise or sunset.


These three sunrises have something in common, even though they are captured at different locations, they all feature our volcano Mt.Lassen (CA,) in the background.


I took the first photo in this post, while driving to work one morning. I just stopped by the side of the road to admire the glorious sunrise.

The second photo is taken at a friend’s ranch, while checking on some rescue horses, that I had at a pasture there for a while.

The last photo, featuring the Sacramento River, with Mt.Lassen in the background, is taken while standing at Sundial Bridge, in Redding (CA.)

Mt. Lassen, and Mt.Shasta, our two volcanoes, are like magnets. It’s like they’re forcing you to pay them attention. Especially during sunrise, and sunset. Since I’m a morning person I catch more sunrises than sunsets. I’d love to see a sunrise/sunset from your favorite location!



Ms Zen

My Organic Garden 2018

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If you hoped to see some beautiful lush, green photos, or colorful vegetables in this post, I’m afraid you will be disappointed. We’re not there yet! Be patient, those photos will come, sooner than later. We’re in California after all 😉 I started my seeds indoors today. It’s little late (but not too late,) for our part of California. I could of started them indoors a month ago, and have them in the ground by the beginning of April.

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you know that my longterm goal is to be as  self sufficient as possible, having a small homestead that provides the food my family needs, and a little extra. We’re not there yet. It’s my goal, and I will get there, but it’s a few years into the future. The progress might seem slow to some people, but it is a steady progress. I’m coming a little closer to my goals every passing month. These past six years I’ve been trying to learn as much as I possibly can about organic gardening, working in different places, in Nevada, and California. It’s starting to pay off.

I’m not ready to start my own homestead yet, but (drum whirl …) we just signed a lease on a property with ample space for a big garden. We’re moving to our new place in two weeks. Before last weekend I didn’t know if/how/where I was going to have a garden, that’s why I didn’t start my seeds until today. I am excited about this new place. It has an exquisite house, and plenty of room outdoors, including a big pasture (with a little barn.) I see us living in this place 1-2 years, at least. Time to further improve my gardening skills, before starting my own homestead.

There will be lots of work to make it “our place”. Starting up is somewhat challenging, but rewarding. The best part is that I get to bring Ghost (my horse) home. Right now I’m boarding him at a very nice boarding stable, but there’s a 25min drive, one way. Almost one hour both ways, (more during rush hours.) I always go there twice a day, that’s almost two hours, every day. I can’t wait to have him outside my door, being able to go out to the pasture anytime I want. I have started to look for a friend for him. It would be cruel to have only one horse (in many countries it’s even illegal to have only one horse,) they are herd animals. Ultimately I would like to give a home to a horse that really needs it, there’s so many of them out there.

As you can imagine there’s many thoughts swirling around in my head right now, so much to do, and so exciting! I guess this post wasn’t only about gardening, but for me, my gardening journey this year started today, when my daughter and I planted the first seeds. We started lots of cherry tomatoes (because we love eating cherry tomatoes,) eggplants, pepper, and squash. We will plant other vegetables as well, directly into raised garden beds, in a few weeks.

I hope you’re having a wonderful day! I would love it, if you’d share your gardening plans!



Ms Zen