Coffee Table Book; Nevada Mustangs – Living Symbols Of The West


The purpose of NEVADA MUSTANGS – LIVING SYMBOLS OF THE WEST is to show the beauty of North America’s Wild Horses.

I’ve had a love story with horses since before my first memory. It doesn’t weaken through the years, it’s the opposite, it gets more and more important. The immense peace, and joy that comes from watching wild horses being horses, was something I discovered when my daughter was an infant. During a rather stressful part of my life (moving to another continent, learning a new language and culture, leaving my daughter’s father, etc etc,) I once again found relief by horses.

When I first got aquatinted with these majestic wild horses, I started to collect photos, facts, and stories. I published my first book, a deluxe coffee table book, with my observations 2013. (My business info in the book is outdated, but the rest is till enjoyable.)

The book has more than 160 pages, of the highest photo quality paper there is on the market. With an image-wrapped hard cover, for long lasting durability.
The photos tell a story of proud horses with strong family bonds.
I hope that the Mustangs in this book will touch your heart, as they’ve touched mine.

When I published the book I decided to donate 50% of the books profit, to non-profits (of my choice) that works for the wild horses. I haven’t done any marketing for the book lately, but that still stands when I do sell copies. Follow the link to my book store, where you can see a preview of the book, and get your copy if interested.


PS. I patented the title of the book, and now when I find myself living in the fabulous State of Nevada, I’ve been starting to think of a second edition. I don’t have enough material yet, but I am collecting photos, and stories for a sequel. Feel free to contact me if you have an idea that you would like to see in the book. You can email me, or use the contact page in the top menu.

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