Weekend Coffee Share – Gratitude, Parenting, And Minimalism

Good morning! It’s Friday morning 5am. I don’t really have to get up this early today, I’m not preparing lunch for my daughter, and walking her to school before work. That usually takes up a big chunk of my weekday mornings. We had a scare earlier this week. Let me grab you some coffee, orContinue reading “Weekend Coffee Share – Gratitude, Parenting, And Minimalism”

Signs Of Spring

When a caterpillar bursts from its cocoon and discovers it has wings, it does not sit idly, hoping to one day turn back. It flies. ― Kelseyleigh Reber We were so blessed to see hundreds and hundreds of butterflies during our hike in Red Rock Canyon last weekend. I didn’t catch any of them withContinue reading “Signs Of Spring”

Yellow Squash Seedling

This is an 11 day old Yellow Squash seedling. Watching a tiny seed grow a few days, getting roots like that, is like magic, said my (then) 5 year old daughter. I agree. This was last year. The $2.75 package of seeds we bought in the spring, gave us over 300 squash! Yes, over 300!Continue reading “Yellow Squash Seedling”