Weekend Coffee Share

It’s almost 11am Saturday and it’s high time for a second cup of coffee. How would you like yours? We woke up to a white world this morning, knowing that it’s going to get warmer later in the day we decided to get out at first light, which is around 8am these days. We (myContinue reading “Weekend Coffee Share”

The Weekly Smile – Writing a bio in third person

My weekly smile is a little different this week. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed a challenge, related to my book project. This challenge actually had me both smile, and laugh out loud many times. I’ve been reading hundreds of bio’s (that was the most hilarious part,) and articles about how to write a bio, these past fewContinue reading “The Weekly Smile – Writing a bio in third person”

The Mustang Movie

I rented The Mustang Movie today. Some of my horse friends strongly disliked it, and others praised it to the sky. The movie got very good reviews, and naturally I wanted to see it. It was a very emotional movie. Having spent time with mustangs I think that they portrayed the horses excellent. They areContinue reading “The Mustang Movie”