Weekend Coffee Share 

Wow, this week have gone by so fast! Maybe it’s the haze, and the smoke in the air that’s lulling me into some kind of dream land? Or maybe it’s the fact that I’m in the middle of planning, an unexpected move to another state? I don’t know. How is your week so far? Grab a cup of coffee and tell me about it! 

How are things here? Well, things are going really good. Unexpectedly smooth. The pieces are just coming together one by one. I’ve found wonderful homes for my horses. They are leaving Saturday (tomorrow…) That is such a great relief. I couldn’t be happier with their new homes. It’s going to be hard to say goodbye to them. My intention was to keep them for life. Knowing that they couldn’t get better homes makes it easier. The first person who looked at Fancy bought her, and her friend wanted Ghost. Just perfect. My intuition tells me that they are really good people. 

I’ve packed all the things I’m planning to bring with me when I move, sold some of the bigger items, and donated the rest to fire victims. I feel light, and ready for new adventures. I’m working my last day here in California on the 20th. Only ten days from now! My goal is to find a reliable car this weekend, and sell my old truck as soon as I have another vehicle. That’s basically the only thing left to do. That is totally doable. I’m going to work a little extra these last days, which is just perfect. I’m slowly finishing up in my garden. I’ve given all my container fruit trees, and plants, to a friend. My tomatoes, yellow squash, and cucumber are still giving a good harvest every day. I’m harvesting in the mornings, and water a little, but I’m not doing much else in the garden. It’s going to go towards it’s natural end eventually. A garden in our extreme climate take a lot of work every day, and there’s no-one that’s going to do the work when I leave. It’s been a fun summer gardening wise. I’m very happy. 

I have several job, and housing offers waiting in Nevada. I want to see things with my own eyes, and meet people, before deciding. That said, I know what I want. When I’m there it’s not going to take a long time to decide. I wish to get into some kind of normal routine as soon as possible. 

I know that there’s been an unusual little amount of photos lately. I’s due to the fire. It’s dangerous to spend a lot of time outside in that smoke. The Carr Fire is now 178,752 acres and 49% contained. Still very smoky. I’m trying to be smart about it. I can’t wait to breath some fresh air, without a mask. I promise to make up for the lack of photos when I start my upcoming road trip. I’m actually excited about the drive. I’ve always enjoyed road trips, and their photo opportunities. As you probably know 🙂

Weekend Coffee Share is a time for us to take a break out of our lives and enjoy some time catching up with friends (old and new)!

Grab a cup of coffee and share with us! What’s been going on in your life? What are your weekend plans? Is there a topic you’ve just been ruminating on that you want to talk about? All are welcome! 

I hope you’re having an awesome week!



Ms Zen


The Carr Fire was 145,015 acres,  and 41% contained according to the last numbers from yesterday. I’m still wearing a mask outside, but besides that, I do not feel immediately threatened anymore. The fire have been moving towards the west side for about a week. There’s no longer any fire close to me. My bags are still packed, and I am ready to go if the wind changes.

How is your weekend so far? I went to school all day yesterday, and updated my Pediatric CPR and First Aid Certificate (AED education included.) It was a few years ago since I did it last time, and I like to have something that important fresh in my mind. When seconds matters to save a life, you can’t afford to hesitate. In the state of California there’s no law requiring a teacher to have CPR and First Aid Education! I think that is insane!! I could not imagine not having it. It was a great class, with wonderful teachers. I’d say that it was better than the last time I took it, at a different location. 

There are a lot of things you don’t control in the world.  But one thing you always do:  you can change your perspective to how you can solve problems and add value for others.  Because then your prosperity is assured. (I don’t know who said this, but I read it at some point, and saved it in my “inspiration file”, and found it this morning.)

My daughter have recently expressed a desire to spend more time with her dad, and start school there. It has not been an option for her until now (she’s always lived with me.) I am raising a strong daughter, and I want to support her in any way I can. In reality it’s going to mean some major changes for me. Since her dad lives 11 hours away, close to Las Vegas. It’s a lot going on right now. I’ve been meditating over a solution to this for the past weeks. Without much success, until last night, when I realized that I’m going to have to relocate closer, to be able to have a close relationship with her. It’s the only option. I love my life, but I am pretty open minded, and I can be happy anywhere (as long as I get to spend a lot of time outdoors!) I can see myself being very happy working with children again, or in the countryside helping someone with their animals/ horses. I’m going to see what doors the universe is going to open for me. I don’t know exactly what the next few weeks are going to have in store for me, I do know that in the end something good is going to come out of it. I know my priorities. I have many things that I love, and are very happy spending my time doing. I got that going for me 😉 

I am going to have to find new homes for my two horses. It’s not realistic to bring them. Even though I would of loved to. I am definitely bringing my best friend Gretchen. 


A short post to let my friends, and family now that I’m doing good. Have a wonderful Sunday!


Ms Zen

Update Saturday

When I went to bed last night the Carr Fire was 133,924 acres, and 39% contained. Slightly bigger than the day before, but the containment is also higher. There are still evacuations in order, but many people that were evacuated have been allowed to return to their homes. Especially in the city of Redding. There is a red flag warning because of the high winds, and dry conditions. The danger is by no means over, but the fire is still moving away from the city. Other surrounding communities are at risk. 

I’ve been thinking about the impact the Carr Fire have on our local wildlife. Several places that I love to hike at, have been completely burned down. I especially think of one place, where I used to go on a regular basis, to watch Ospreys. There’s several nests within a couple miles radius there, and it’s not unusual to see as many as 20 birds fishing in the Sacramento River. Since they are birds they can fly away from the fire, but I imagine that they would be greatly disturbed? Especially the birds with young ones in the nests. When it’s safe to do so I’m going to drive up there and check. There’s currently spot fires in that area, and I can not do it right now. Hopefully soon. 

My animals are doing good. The horses, especially Ghost (the young one,) are more attention seeking than usual. Despite his cautious nature, he is very social. He likes to spend a lot of time together. On his terms of course.. Before the fire I used to bring a book out in the pasture and sit there and read for an hour, or two most days. I don’t do that now, because of the smoke. The dry, dusty conditions we’re having, make them look dirtier than usual, even though I groom them every day. My dog Gretchen is playful, and happy. That makes me very happy, since she showed signs of great stress, when the fire raged closer to us.

The garden is doing wonderful, even though it could use more staking. My longest stakes are 7ft tall, and my tomato plants are currently 10+ft tall..it looks like a jungle. I get at least 5lbs of cherry tomatoes every day, and some cucumber, and yellow squash as well. My bell pepper should be coming along within the next few weeks. I’ve started a couple very interesting tomato varieties from seeds this week, for my fall garden. They will stay in a bright, warm room, next to the garage (used to be an art studio,) until the seedlings are ready to go in the ground. With some luck I timed it right, and they will be able to grow to full maturity, and be harvested before the cold weather sets in. I believe that I timed it right this year. I’m often a couple weeks too late, so I started three weeks earlier than I usually do, to give them enough time. Now it’s up to mother nature.

I propagated Valencia Oranges, and Cara Cara Oranges yesterday. The container garden gives me so much joy. I’m going to add a new variety of figs, from a nearby farm, next week. I need to go there and dig up the young trees myself, so I’ve been holding off a little, due to the air quality. The lady said that she had peach seedlings that I could have as well. Looking forward to go there. 

I’ve been contemplating what kind of green house I should put up for my container fruit trees, when it starts to get colder. Yesterday I decided that I’m going with a simple greenhouse kit, that I successfully used before. It is economic, and rather easy to assemble. I can do it myself. It’s not a permanent structure, so I don’t need a permit. It’s also easy to disassemble, if/when I want to move it. The frame is sturdy, and the covering is OK. You can purchase replacing covering if need be. I lived in a very windy area when I used it the last time, and the cover lasted two years before ripping. I added some extra stakes on the sides, and it held up good towards the wind. 



I found a couple old photos of the greenhouse. It’s this exact model I’m thinking of getting for my container garden this fall. (Forgive the poor quality of the photos.)

A short post to let my friends, and family now that I’m doing good. My bags are still packed, and I am ready to go if the wind changes. However, I feel relatively safe now, since the fire have been steadily moving away from me, for several days. I’m actually going to school for 8 hours today. More about that later. I’m off to feed my animals, and water the garden, before heading to class. Have a wonderful Saturday!


Ms Zen