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Weekend Coffee Share – thoughts from a teacher during the Covid 19 pandemi

Welcome weekend! Would you like a cup of strong, black coffee from my French press, or perhaps some green tea today?  I just finished my usual two cups of coffee, while admiring the sunrise. It is Saturday morning, and I am looking forward to…

Weekend Coffee Share – The Situation

  I’m so glad you could make it to our weekly coffee date! How are you? I mean, how are YOU really doing?  Many people work from home here in Sweden. Some businesses are closed. I personally know several people who lost their jobs….

Weekend Coffee Share – Seedlings & Gratitude

Welcome in for a virtual coffee in front of the fire place. It is  7am, about 10F/-12C outside, and the sun is shining. I just poured a second cup coffee for myself, what can I get you?  I’ve been lingering in bed this morning,…