Weekend Coffee Share – 2021!

It’s January 1st, the first day of 2021. How are you doing? Can I offer you some coffee? Or perhaps tea? I’ll be happy to make some hot chocolate if you prefer. I’m having tea this very first morning of the year. I am a coffee lover big time, but the first month of theContinue reading “Weekend Coffee Share – 2021!”

Happy New Year!

There is a beautiful white world out there, my heart is light, like the feathery flurries falling down from the sky outside my window. 2020 is almost over and it has been a strange year of hard work, and some stressful times. There have been progress, and overall there have been some wonderful moments, withContinue reading “Happy New Year!”

New Trails

There’s hundreds of walking/biking trails in, and near my town. I’ve decided to explore as many of them as I can during this holiday. Most of them are within walking/biking distance of my home. Today my daughter and I walked along one of the trails in town, this trail follows the river Faluån that runsContinue reading “New Trails”