Bull Riding


Since I’m about to leave California shortly, I figured I’d have to share my last, previously unshared, California rodeo pics, from earlier this season.


This is how Wikipedia describes the sport of bull riding;

Bull riding is a rodeo sport that involves a rider getting on a bucking bull and attempting to stay mounted while the animal tries to buck off the rider.

In the American tradition, the rider must stay on top of the bucking bull while holding onto the bull rope with one hand for eight seconds and not touching the bull or themself with their free hand. A bull rope is a fiber rope wrapped around the chest of the bull directly behind the bull’s front legs, which the rider grips while riding. If the rider does this, it is a qualified ride. If the rider is bucked off before eight seconds, it is a no score. In most bull riding circuits, four judges mark scores for the rider and the bull. Two judges score the rider based on their ability up to 25 points each for up to a total of 50 points. The other two judges score the bull on his bucking performance for up to 25 points each for a total of up to 50 points. Thus, the ride is scored up to 100 points. Most professional riders score between the mid-70s and high 80s. American bull riding has been called “the most dangerous eight seconds in sports.”


It’s easy to see why it is “the most dangerous eight seconds in sports.” Or what do you think? I have no idea why I like going to rodeos so much. Maybe it’s the extreme opposite from my otherwise mindful life? I don’t go to a whole lot of organized events, but I do always go to a few rodeos every year. I always have a blast. These where the last three rodeo photos that I have for now. I hope you enjoyed them, and that you’re having an awesome day!


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It took me a while to come up with a suitable photo for this challenge. I decided to go with this shot, of these two almost identical motor cross guys. They call themselves The Flying Cowboyz. I’ve seen them perform several times, as they often keep the audience on their toes at different events around our golden state. They are spectacular.




t5 (1)






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These guys are not twins by blood, but their performances are so well synchronized, as if they were twins. I hope you enjoyed these previously unshared actions shots, from Red Bluff Round-Up earlier this spring. This post is a part of Sunday Stills, a photo-link party with a new theme starting every Sunday. The party is open for new entries all week long, please join us!



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Interesting riders you’re unlikely to meet on the trail

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May the Force Be With You!

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The weekly photo challenge, at The Daily Post, this week have the mighty theme; Unlikely. I figure it would be very unlikely to meet the riders in this post out on the trail, or anywhere else..

Show me your take on the challenge!


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