Free Seed Project

Anyone in the US that want to grow healthy, organic food for their family but can not afford to get started, can get a free starter kit from the incredible Free Seed Project it is legit. There is a link to their GoFundMe page if you’d like to contribute to the project (I supportContinue reading “Free Seed Project”

Favourite Hikes – Favourite Landscapes

My daughter doesn’t see her dad very often, but when she does I usually go hiking and camping solo. I love it, it clears my mind and I feel like a new person afterwards. One of my favourite places to go hiking alone, meditate, and sleep under the stars is Mojave National Preserve in California.Continue reading “Favourite Hikes – Favourite Landscapes”

Weekend Coffee Share – Week 5

I can’t believe that another week of winter rushed by. It’s still cold and lovely, there is snow and clean air. Would you like a cup of coffee? Or can I get you some tea? I promised my daughter some rose hip soup to go with her breakfast today, I’ll be happy to make youContinue reading “Weekend Coffee Share – Week 5”