Weekly Photo Challenge: Order

This time of the year a lot of my time is dedicated to creating order in my garden. To organize my container garden in to a system. My system is based on the different plants need of sunlight, shade, and water. They are planted in rows, and/or groups, depending on their needs. In the photoContinue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge: Order”

Before they tamed your wolves with reason…

Today I simply want to share one of my favorite quotes, along with one of my favorite views. I have this quote, and a few other as inspiration on my computer. I usually open my inspiration file, as I devour my morning coffee (black pf course.) As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts! Have anContinue reading “Before they tamed your wolves with reason…”

Choose Your Thoughts

I like watching Randy Gage’s Youtube channel. I usually start my work week by watching the latest episode there (he creates one new episode every week.) I find that it gives my week an awesome start. The last one was about the process of thoughts. About processing information, and drawing logical conclusions based on seriousContinue reading “Choose Your Thoughts”