Mt.Shasta (CA)

I launched this blog in May 2017 as an inspiration for mindful living. With the intention of sharing the unique beauty of northern California, while connecting likeminded souls from around the world. However my life changed in August 2018, and the only right thing for me to do was to move to southern Nevada. Said and done. I made the decision I had to, sold my horses, and moved to Las Vegas. Now this blog turned into “country girl facing big city life” for the first time. I’m mostly excited, and very curious about how this is going to play out. I hope that you’ll drop in for coffee as usual. It’s still the best coffee you can get 😉

I believe that you are what you eat; mind, body and soul. I enjoy growing my own food. I’ve spent a few years in California learning about organic gardening. My ultimate dream is to have a small homestead, and be as self sufficient as possible, producing the majority of my family’s food myself.


This was part of the big organic garden I had 2018. 

I believe that life is about choosing happiness. To actively be in charge of how you react to any given situation. I have a BA in Early Childhood Education. I love books, and read a lot, but believe in learning by doing. Making learning fun for my young daughter is a high priority in my life. In fact I believe that part of my mission in life, is to encourage young children, and gently guide them while they are discovering their world. To guide them towards asking the right questions, and learning how to look for those answers, in our ever changing world. In a fun playful way, spending as much time outdoors as possible.

Thanks to my grandma, I entered the magic world of photography when I was five years old. You can find prints of my favorite photos in my online gallery. (Safely purchase prints with any credit card, via Fine Art America. World wide shipping.) My gypsy soul have taken me to 48 US States, and I’ve explored most countries in Europe. I see all the western states as my home, and love taking road trips exploring amazing nature, and ghost towns.  In the process of giving me wonderful memories, traveling, have definitely taught me to be more humble.

gr (1)

My German Shepherd, Gretchen, is a faithful partner on road trips, and she loves hiking. Gretchen is 5 years old, and of German working bloodlines.

Horses is an important part of my life. I love every aspect of life with horses. I’ve been around horses all my life. There’s no better teacher in mindfulness than the horse, since they always live in the moment. That is one of the things I love the most about them. I’m not a horse trainer, just a girl who loves horses. One way or another, there’s always horses in my world.

I place the highest value on time with my loved ones, and a close connection to nature, and animals. One of my zen strategies includes visiting National Parks often. I love  interacting with photographers, and likeminded bloggers, around the world. Sharing blog posts, and giving feedback is appreciated, and encouraged!

I started to use the pseudonym Ms Zen in the blogging world, when I started this blog, and the blog title was NorCal Zen. I am always striving towards finding that zen in my life. Being in balance with everything. I think I’ll just stick with that name for a while. My friends call me Maria. You’re free to use either or.


Ms Zen

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A word of caution. All your adventures are on your own risk. Anyone participating in an activity mentioned on my blog is responsible for their own safety. I am not responsible in any way, if you choose to explore any of the destinations, or activities mentioned in my blog. 

115 thoughts on “Purpose

    1. Thank you ! For some reason it looks like I’ve missed replying to your kind comment. I sincerely apologize for that. I remember visiting your blog when I first saw your comment, and reading about a speech you were giving. I hope your writing is progressing exactly the way you want!

      All the best,

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        1. Awe good, that makes me feel better. I always go to the “about page” of a new blog first. I find them most interesting. Then I discovered today that I missed several comments on my own about page… that’s not good. I’m going to work hard on keeping better track on comments. Interacting with other bloggers is something I enjoy very much.

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    1. Thank you Brad! Life changes 🙂 I moved so that my daughter would be able to get to know her biological father. I never could imagine myself living in a city, and definitely not Las Vegas. The close proximity to amazing nature is my savior. Thank you for dropping by. I hope you’re having an amazing weekend.


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      1. Maria, there’s an enormous amount to like about the L.V. area. Even for us daytrippers, the Red Rocks never get old, but I’d love to have the opportunity to explore more widely into the desert, the Great Basin, etc. Enjoy!

        Liked by 1 person

          1. I’ve only seen Valley of Fire once, and just as a drive-through. Haven’t gotten out to hike, nor have we seen it in different lighting. It would be beautiful in early morning or late afternoon light. So long as you’re good for the heat, you have an enormous amount to explore.


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