Weekend Coffee Share – The Situation

  I’m so glad you could make it to our weekly coffee date! How are you? I mean, how are YOU really doing?  Many people work from home here in Sweden. Some businesses are closed. I personally know several people who lost their jobs. We are practicing social distancing, but people are doing this onContinue reading “Weekend Coffee Share – The Situation”

Weekend Coffee Share – Seedlings & Gratitude

Welcome in for a virtual coffee in front of the fire place. It is  7am, about 10F/-12C outside, and the sun is shining. I just poured a second cup coffee for myself, what can I get you?  I’ve been lingering in bed this morning, highly unusual for me. The reason was an owl. I wasContinue reading “Weekend Coffee Share – Seedlings & Gratitude”

2 simple and inexpensive ways of making bread without yeast

View this post on Instagram Baking bread in my new kitchen for the first time. ❤️ “If baking is any labor at all, it's a labor of love. A love that gets passed from generation to generation.” – Regina Brett #baking #bakingbread #homemadewithlove #vegan #vegetarian #chia #chiaseeds #steelcutoats #organic A post shared by MJ (@sagittariusviking)Continue reading “2 simple and inexpensive ways of making bread without yeast”