Weekly Smile -Merry Christmas


This week my Weekly Smile is a Merry Christmas greeting/wish to all of you. I think it is  a great gift that we are able to wish each other Merry Christmas one more year.


Merry Christmas from a cold and beautiful Sweden to you! I hope that you get to enjoy time with loved ones, and find peace in this season. In Sweden we are celebrating Christmas on Christmas Eve, so this is it for us. My daughter and I are enjoying some cozy time together, since that was her wish. We did have a few invitations, but she really wanted it to be just the two of us, which I am OK with, of course. This downtime is just what we need now. I hope that your Christmas is everything that you need, and wish for.



31 Comments on “Weekly Smile -Merry Christmas

  1. That photo with the steeple through the trees is magnificent – and wishing you a wonderful holiday and sounds like it will be quaint – I am looking forward to tonight but tomorrow I have some “obligatory” visits – blah – but I will have my big girl attitude – hahaha

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  2. Beautiful and peaceful post Maria. Why not celebrate together if that is what
    feels right. You and your daughter are close.
    I wish you both a joyful and loving Christmas. God Jul och Gott Nytt Ar.


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  3. Merry Christmas dear Maria… Glad to “see” you again. Enjoy these days with your daughter, these are memorable moments. Time flies, children grow up and all these souvenirs help us to move forward. Big Hugs ❤

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    • Thank you so much Louise 🙂 These memories are so valuable. I am so grateful that my mom and grandma took the time to make them with me, naturally I want to make memories with my daughter. I hope your holidays season is filled with peace and joy ❤

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  4. That’s a beautiful photo. I am sure it is slightly overwhelming for your daughter, so I’m not surprised that a little quiet time with you is needed. and I’m sure you are loving it too! Merry Christmas! God Jul.

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