Tuesday Photo Challenge – Slope


Government Wash, Lake Mead (NV.)

As an answer to this week’s Tuesday Photo Challenge – Slope, I’m sharing some gentle slopes from around Lake Mead, outside Las Vegas (NV.)


Gypsum Wash, Lake Mead


Lake Mead

I’m looking forward to seeing more rolling landscapes with slopes this week. Tuesday Photo Challenge have quickly become one of my favorite photo challenges, there’s so many fantastic entries every week. I hope you enjoyed these slopes.

Did your week get off to a great start? I started my week running, at least it feels like it..I finished organizing all our stuff for the move to Sweden, and I bought the tickets today. I got a decent good deal, with only one stop. We are leaving on Sunday. I am ready, but my head is still spinning. There’s only a few errands I need to do before we go, and I have plenty of time to do them. My daughter keep saying over and over again how excited she is, and “that is going to be like coming to a different dimension”, she’s talking about the differences between the Mojave Desert, and the winter landscape in Sweden. She is right.

Anything over the ordinary going on in your world? Some of my friends have started to talk about Christmas, but that feels so far away still. Have you started with any Christmas preparations?



11 Comments on “Tuesday Photo Challenge – Slope

  1. What beautiful photos. I think my head would be spinning too, but you are doing what’s best for your health and your family! I can’t wait to see photos of Sweden!! From desert to mountains! ❤️😃😉❤️

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    • Thank you! We are getting exciting about the changes. I look forward to seeing family and friends, and I very much look forward to work in the Swedish school system again. I believe Sweden have one of the best educational systems in the world. I very much enjoyed working as a teacher there.

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  2. I purchased a ticket for next month, Family Christmas in Michigan. I’m so excited for you two, it happened very quickly, I wish only the best for you guys! 🥰

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