Sitegraves Pass


Sitegraves Pass is a really fun part of Route 66, starting just outside Kingman (AZ,) going over the mountain, to the ghost town Oatman (AZ.) Tuesday’s Photo Challenge this week have the theme Steep, and of course my first thought went to these hairpin curves along the mountainside that we drove on Sunday.IMG_4721

It is a slightly nerve wrecking, but absolutely beautiful drive. It is steeper than it looks in the photos. You can only drive 20mph, and that feels fast! My daughter asked if we really were supposed to drive that fast, when we were going 20mph. No vehicles/trucks over 40ft are allowed on this road.


This is the view from the top. It’s a gold mine you see at the bottom. The road swirls down the mountain side from here, towards Oatman. Oatman is a really interesting place! To say the least. More about the four legged inhabitants that rules the streets of Oatman in my next post 🙂 Have you driven Route 66? What is your impression? What was the most interesting part of the drive? I’ve driven the whole stretch once, and the Wester States part of it several times. The part that goes through the Western States is definitely my favorite.




16 Comments on “Sitegraves Pass

  1. I have stood in those exact spots and we LOVED that ride! The beauty was so intense around every bend! I did a post on this area as well. Oh my gosh… thank you for the memories. We really enjoyed this ride!

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