Photo Challenge – Back Catalog


I stumbled upon a fun weekly photo challenge that I haven’t seen before, and decided to join.

My challenge to you is to find an image in your back catalog that still grabs your attention and share it! Of course, if you want to re-interpret the image with what you have gained over the years, feel free to do so. Any kind of image is appropriate for this challenge! Let us know why this image still gets your attention!

I checked out some of the other inspiring contributions, and thought about what I might want to share. I decided to share the photo above of a cheeky alpaca I rescued several years back. There was this old lady living on a nearby ranch that had to find homes for all her animals, due to her age. I was told that the lady had several horses, and that’s why I decided to pay her a visit. Unfortunately they were all in such bad shape that I thought it would be more humane to end their suffering, and decided to stay out of that. However, she had 4 alpacas. They were a little skittish due to not being handled so much, but I’ve always dreamed about having a small herd of alpacas and brought them home.

Very soon their skittishness was gone, and especially the one in this photo had a great sense of humor. They were so smart! I called them Eenie, Meenie, Miniee, and Moe. It’s Eenie in the picture. He used to sneak up on me when I least expected, and either steal something from my person, or blow warm air on my neck. I never heard him coming, and I swear he laughed when he made me jump high up in the air. Among the things he stole from me was; gloves fro my back pocket, my hat, a pocket knife, bale strings, and he even attempted to take my gun out of its holster but didn’t succeed with that. Eenie was a character. He used to follow me around as a dog. He would also do tricks. In fact all of them would do anything you suggested for a tortilla chips! When I showed young horses the horse trailer the first time I often used Eenie to make the experience a good one. He associated the trailer with tricks, and tortilla chip = his favorite place!

I don’t know about you, but I really liked this Back Catalog challenge! I would love to see what you have in your archives! I hope you are having a fabulous day 🙂





13 Comments on “Photo Challenge – Back Catalog

  1. I love alpacas (and their wonderful wool, and coincidentally, I happen to be wearing an alpaca sweater right now!). Your stories of their antics made me laugh. Did you ever use their wool?

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    • What a coincidence! I never had the chance to use their wool, I had big plans about making designer baby clothes. I had a caretaker taking care of them during the summers and somehow never saw the wool.


  2. LOL – Eenie and I would be great friends – I love tortilla chips, too! My daughter stayed at a hobby farm the summer after she graduated from college. There was one Alpaca there named Sam. He was a hoot – and so darn cute, in an Alpaca kind of way. I so enjoyed your post, that’s a wonderful photo to go with your words!

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