Tom T. Kelly’s Bottle House


The coolest house in the ghost town Rhyolite (NV,) is probably Tom T. Kelly’s house. He built a house out of 50,000 beer and liquor bottles, more than a hundred years ago. It’s still in great condition!



I think it’s amazing! I wonder if all the bottles came from one of the 50 saloons the town had? You couldn’t go into the house, but I would of loved to see the light from inside. With some fixing up I wouldn’t mind living in this house. It’s been there for more than 100 years, I bet it would last another 100 year at least. Very cool! Maybe I just need to learn how to build one 🙂

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24 Comments on “Tom T. Kelly’s Bottle House

  1. That’s so cool Maria! Such a bummer you can’t get inside. I did some fast research into how long it takes bottle glass takes to degrade. It seems this glass can take one million years to disintegrate!

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  2. I’ve heard of this house, I think I saw it featured on TV show some time ago and it’s really cool. I bet even better to see in person. I can’t believe it’s in such good shape for being over 100 years old, crazy! 😀

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    • I’m hoping to try to find that TV show, I’d like to see it. It’s indeed an interesting house. I think any house build out of “local” material available is a great feature, and very interesting.

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  3. How cool is that? I wish the inside was open! I wonder if he knew the house would be standing 100 years later? It sort of reminds me of the Mystery Castle outside of Phoenix built from recycled materials found in the desert. It’s not quite 100 years old yet, but does have an interesting story. I love places like this. Thanks for taking me along. 🙂

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    • I absolutely love places like this too! I’ll have to look into the Mystery Castle, thanks for giving me the idea 🙂 Recycled materials is the way to go. Have a wonderful day! I hope you’ll come over for a visit soon again 🙂

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  5. Yes! This is awesome! It’s kind of like an earth ship home. I really wanted an earth ship, with lots of bottles placed in the walls. Too bad you couldn’t go inside. Very cool though!

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