Weekend Coffee Share – Finally Fall!


Welcome to the Weekend Coffee Share a time for us to take a break out of our lives and enjoy some time catching up with friends (old and new)! Grab a cup of coffee and share with us!  What’s been going on in your life?

I’ve been working on my book project The Desert Around Las Vegas at least 4-5 hours/day this week. At the moment I’m working on a chapter about Valley of Fire State Park. I absolutely love that place (as you probably know if you’ve been around for a while,) its fun to write about it, and re-live my photos from Valley of Fire. I’ve lost count on how many times I’ve visited this past year. I was thinking that it might be fun to go there this Saturday, maybe get some more photos, but then I realized that it is National Public Lands Day, meaning free entrance, and likely a lot of people. October (almost there) is a beautiful time to visit Valley of Fire, and other National/State Parks that are too hot to fully enjoy in the summer. 

Altl Rock Canvas Print featuring the photograph Aztec Sandstone by Sagittarius Viking

Valley Of Fire State Park Canvas Print featuring the photograph White Dome Woman by Sagittarius Viking

World-renowned For Its 40 Canvas Print featuring the photograph Rainbow by Sagittarius Viking

Valley Of Fire State Park Canvas Print featuring the photograph Slot Canyon by Sagittarius Viking

This is a great time of the year. I think we are past three digit temperatures now. It’s going to be a high of 94 today, but cooler this weekend, Sunday looks really nice only 78. I’m going to get out of the city at some point this weekend, I need to breath some fresh air, and let my dog and daughter run free for a while. I doubt that there will be any camping this weekend, but I did get a new tent this week. I put it up in our tiny, tiny, cemented court yard, to make sure everything worked as its supposed to. I believe it does 🙂 

I can’t wait to test it! I smell road trips, and adventure! I’m thinking the usual amazing places: Death Valley, Valley of Fire, Mojave National Preserve, Mount Charleston that are reasonably close by. I also want to go to Zion National Park. I’ve driven through Zion once, but it was many years ago, and I barely remember it. I would love to experience Zion again, with fall colors. I think the thought of that excited me the most. 

How are you on your coffee? Need a refill? Have a wonderful, wonderful weekend, YOU deserve it!





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  1. Beautiful photos at the Valley of Fire! I need to go back up there, been a while. It’s certainly going to cool down now which is really nice, have a great weekend!

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  2. I vote Zion! That is on my places top visit list, as are some other Utah area parks, like Canyonlands (I know – very far away!). Nice pictures. Enjoy your weekend – I hope you and your two girls get plenty of out of city time! (Yes, 4 legged children count towards the two girls 😉 ).

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  3. Looks like a good tent! Hope you have a lot of fun, camping out and taking photographs, the two of you. Happy to know the temperature is dropping off a bit. Myself, I am happy that the night time temperatures are finally to start getting down into the 30’s. A lovely time of year, autumn in North Dakota and northern Minnesota! Your photographs of the rock faces are gorgeous. Will be interested to see more photos from your camping tours.

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  4. Such BEAUTIFUL photos, just love them all. I want to visit Zion someday. Driven by there on my way to Colorado years ago, someday. I enjoyed coffee with you this weekend and it will be nice to take a day drive with your girls. I’m really enjoying our cooler weather, we even had a little rain yesterday. Love the smell of fresh rain! ♥️🌧️🥰

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    • Thank you Diana! The cooler weather is wonderful 🙂 It’s finally here! In this part of the world, I believe fall is my favorite season. There’s so much hope, and life, and adventure in the air at fall. It’s like a sleeping, dead world is coming alive again.

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  5. Glad you’re getting more pleasant temperatures once again. Does your new tent have a skylight? (I liked that feature with your old one.) Adventures ahead!

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    • Me to Eliza! My new tent doesn’t have a sky light like the old one, its more for colder weather, and rain. I did like that feature with my old one. You can open three big windows, covering almost three sides of the tent. Since the sides are pretty high, I think it will be possible to see the sky. I hope so 🙂 Thank you for having coffee with me today!

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  6. Your pictures are always fabulous and I think reading about them in your book will be wonderful.

    Your weather is so different then mine and I am a bit jealous right now, in the best possible way of course. Here is cold and rainy; it has been all week. It is good weather for baking and cooking I guess and there might even be a nice pot of crockpot chilli in the near future.

    Anyway, hope you have a great weekend.

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    • Thank you so much Shari!
      Cold and rainy sounds very fresh. The weather is cooler here now, but some days, like today, the air quality is so poor that it’s difficult to breathe (even in the house.) Cold and rainy sound pretty good to me 🙂 Baking, cooking, and chili in the crock pot sounds fabulous! I’m going to bake some pizza rolls later today. It’s pizza, baked like cinnamon rolls, the perfect picnic food. We’re planning to go on a day trip tomorrow. I’m looking forward to that! Enjoy your weekend! Thank you for having coffee with me.


  7. Oh, such beautiful photos! Would that I could one day see such in person. My Faculty “Mom” went west and brought me back a small red stone… I was oh, so very happy for that. I’d been trying to paint desert, but couldn’t see to get the right shade for the stones. That little stone was (and still is) a treasure to me. Love your photos, especially the one that shows the striations within the stone. So beautiful and fascinating! 🙂 ❤ Hope you have a great week! Enjoy the camping, too!

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    • My daughter and I love to collet rocks from special places we visit. She has a big recollection in her room, showcased in different places. We added to it this weekend as well. That was very sweet of your friend to bring you a sandstone. Thank you for your kind comment ❤

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  8. Great photos! My sister-in-law got married at the Valley of Fire a few years ago. I love all the areas outside of Las Vegas. One of my all time favorite places to hike & go birding!

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  9. Enjoy your new tent! I’m missing those highs of 94 already.. 63 and rain today.. Typical Michigan October.

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