A Great Tuesday!

My 7 year old daughter loves sourdough bread, and wanted to bake some all by herself today. I was not allowed to help. Turned out pretty good. She was so proud of herself! I’d say it’s a great day here  How is your Tuesday?

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Published by Sagittarius Viking

It’s all about experiences, and the healing power of nature. Life is about choosing happiness. I entered the magic world of photography when I was five years old. My gypsy soul have taken me to many different countries, and definitely taught me to be more humble. I believe that you are what you eat, body and soul. I enjoy growing my own food, and spending time outdoors. A Sagittarius loves to travel, have an open mind and, and a philosophical view. It motivates them to wander around the world in search of the meaning of life. Sagittarius is extrovert, optimistic and enthusiastic, and likes changes. A lot of that perfectly describes me. The fact that my ancestors, on both parents sides, were vikings, doesn’t exactly lessen my desire to explore. Maybe a slightly more mindful exploring, compared to the average viking. My blog, and my art prints is a results of my (inner and outer) explorations. Love, Maria

12 thoughts on “A Great Tuesday!

  1. Very impressed!! I watch a lot of shows on the Food Network, and my FAVORITE are the kids baking challenges. I’ve seen kids on there as young as your daughter baking some pretty impressive stuff!! It’s AMAZING to me what kids can do when mentored. So COOL! ♥️🤗

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    1. It made me happy that she wanted to try to make it herself. We have a sourdough starter in the fridge, that we feed weekly. The start is made out of equal parts of a whole wheat flour, and water. You feed it with 1 cup of white unbleached all purpose flour, and 1/2 cup of water daily for two days, and then twice daily for three days in the beginning. Keep the starter at a kitchen counter the first five days, after that in the fridge. After the first five days you feed 1 cup of flour and 1/2-3/4 cup of water once a week. You can use one cup of starter instead of yeast in any recipe, the dough has to rest twice, once when you made the dough, and then after making loaves/buns. I usually let the dough rest at least 90 min the first time, longer is better, and one hour the second time. My daughter only added cold water, a pinch of salt, and flour until the dough felt smooth. She didn’t follow a recipe. I would love to hear if you try it! The starter only gets better the longer you have it in the fridge! Once in a while I switch up the flour I feed with, and try a different one.


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