Golden Hour – Joshua Trees

The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness. – John Muir
The other night we drove up to Cold Creek (NV,) and I was surprised to see the flowers on the Joshua Trees so well preserved. They were completely dry after the hot summer, but almost all the trees had the flowers left intact on them. They were very hard to the touch. Beautiful in their own way.
How is your week so far? The week is pretty good here. My daughter and I have dabbled in the art of painting with ink this week. It’s a whole lot harder than it looks!
We’ve also continued with our Nevada project, based on last weekends excursions, and our text book Uncovering Nevada’s Past. A good week so far 🙂 I hope yours is too!

9 Comments on “Golden Hour – Joshua Trees

  1. BEAUTIFUL photos and I’m having a good week so far. It’s finally coming down here as well and am looking forward to fall! 💕 I’ve always wanted to learn calligraph, looks like FUN!! 😃

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  2. When I was out there in March, the JTs were just starting to bloom. What you photographed are the seed pods. Inside are flat black seeds. You could try to grow some as a school project! The seeds require 3 months in the fridge first and it is best to use desert soil as the microbiome affects germination.

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