The Weekly Smile – Friends


My friend Trent shares a Weekly Smile every week, and encourage others to do the same. Get the good energy flowing! There’s so many things to be grateful for, small and big things.

My smile this week goes to all my amazing friends. My daughter asked me the other day; If you had to choose, would you rather be a millionaire? Or homeless with a million friends?

Good question, right? I turned it around and asked my daughter what she would choose, before answering myself. For her it was an easy choice. I’d choose a million friends of course! She answered without hesitation, in a way that only an innocent 7 year old can. I asked her to tell me more. She simply said; with good friends anything is possible. I would do anything for a good friend, they would do anything for me. So I would be rich, have everything I need, even if I was homeless. I loved that answer! (Sitting in a new very comfortable home, hoping that she’d never have to experience being homeless.. of course.)

This week my smile goes to all my fabulous, amazing friends, that always seem to have a smile for me when I need it the most. You know who you are. You rock my world! Thank you!


What would you choose? Would you rather be a millionaire? Or homeless with a million friends? 


Ms Zen

22 Comments on “The Weekly Smile – Friends

  1. A million friends for sure is my answer to a wonderful question. They say money can’t buy happiness, so true I think. Your daughter is wise beyond her years! ♥️♥️♥️ Thank you for this WONDERFUL smile today, it made my day! 😃

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  2. How about a handful (or two) of very, very good friends? for I’d rather have 10 true friends than 1,000,000 “friends”. Or a million dollars, for that matter 😉 My technicality joking aside, it was a good question and sure a smile 🙂

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