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There’s so many reasons to be grateful, and keep a smile on your face. This week I’ve been  meditating about all the extraordinary places that I’ve seen since I moved to Las Vegas, almost a year ago. Places I probably never would of spent so much time exploring, if I didn’t live here.


Places like Valley of Fire. That had been on my bucket list of places to see for a long time. At some point I probably would of made a point out of visiting, but not likely that I would of visited many times, if I didn’t live nearby. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve visited this past year.


Every visit there is a totally different experience form the previous times. The landscape completely changes, with how the light plays on the red sandstone formations.


…and then there’s the little details, like this flower growing straight out of a cliff. It’s impossible to not smile, seeing life in such an unexpected place.



I feel very humble when I encounter vistas like these. Humble, and grateful. There’s something unearthly, about the sleek, smooth lines, of the sometimes rugged sandstones. As many contradictions as life itself.


Did someone, at some point call this cave his home? Maybe a family lived here? What did they think when they stepped out on “the porch” in the morning? Those are the type of questions my daughter and I discuss, when we explore places like this. What did the people who once lived here live off? Where did they find water?



I hope you enjoyed these photos from my last visit to Valley of Fire (NV.) How is your week so far? My friend Trent have a Weekly Smile post every week, where he share smiles from the past week, and encourage others to do the same. Get the good energy flowing, and share some of the things that make you smile this week 🙂


Ms Zen

28 Comments on “The Weekly Smile

  1. Beautiful photos MJ, you’ve been there much more than I have! Time for another visit. More photos!!

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    • I think I’m going to wait a bit with my next visit! Until the worst of the heat is over 🙂 Have you been to Mt.Charleston these past couple weeks? Is there any snow left?

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      • I was up there a week or so back, saw snow only on the peaks. Where it belongs! Was 91 when I left my house, was 69 at the Lodge!

        I want to hit VOF again, not been there in a long time, maybe take some very short hikes for photos. Maybe we’ll bump into each other sometime! 😎

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  2. Lovely photos and that flower! The vistas and views are AMAZING! I’ve never been there and may need to visit one day but you definitely put a huge smile on my face today! I so enjoyed your post, thank you! 😀

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  3. Fascinated by the thought that someone could have once lived on that cave in past times. Love stuff like that.

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  4. Such amazing vistas, so beautiful through your lens, Maria. That brave little plant is inspiring – fighting for life among all the odds stacked against it.

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  5. Love your VOF shots, Maria! I am so glad I accidentally discovered it last January. I’ve been telling my brother who just moved to Henderson to go visit, at least when the temps cool down. He tells me he would like to have Thanksgiving in their new house, so a trip to LV without the trailer should happen for us. That means a trip to VOF and maybe a visit with you! Your lovely photos made ME smile and reminded me how much I enjoy LV. Congrats on a year there already!

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  6. Gorgeous pictures! It does make you wonder how people survived years and years ago! That’s one thing I always have in mind now that we’re off grid. How was it done before and can we do it that way? If they did it, why can’t we?

    We really need to get and explore! Love your stories of your adventures! ❤️

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